david bosschaert <> in WildFlyCore

AS7-5199 Publish ServletContext as OSGi Service

was: 59b9194d530dea1d8ad6eb4a354fa81edf7040c9

AS7-5203 OSGi WAB - BundleContext Access

Includes a test in SimpleWebAppTestCase.

was: 53cd538018a2bf57998c65202d27d6423a6f02f3

Remove some old code that Brian says can go

was: 3674609b9831ce80f99aebc779ddde2176bddd0e

Extend the ExtensionContext with Process Type information

This information is to allow management extensions to react to the type

of server they are running in.

was: 1e2cc63a2f3a9b6d34dd3fcafcfeb2408da6fc85