emanuel muckenhuber <> in WildFlyCore

[WFCORE-401] only wrap operation handlers if required

[WFCORE-282] Further improvements

[WFCORE-282] handle wildcard operations for remote targets

[WFCORE-401] move tests to the right location

[WFLY-3614] add link to patch metadata

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[WFCORE-207] write- and undefine-attribute are not runtime-only operations

[WFCORE-401] update model validation

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[WFCORE-401] add processing for profile includes

[WFCORE-401] account for ignored-resources when fetching missing configuration

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[WFCORE-401] wrap operation handlers and fix tx contracts in the remote domain service

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[WFCORE-401] sync all the server-configs in order to automatically remove unused configuration

[WFLY-3970] only send stop operation if the server is started

[WFLY-3834] make sure the message is fully read

[WFCORE-401] calculate the remote operations locally, based on the read-model response from the master

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[WFCORE-393] profile clone operation

[WFCORE-401] sync the whole model rather than a single server

test ignored server-groups and deployment content

cleanup mgmt protocol default options

[WFLY-3468] reconnect if connecting to the host-controller fails

[WFCORE-401] support ignore unused configuration

[WFCORE-401] sync hosts based on the boot operations

[WFCORE-401] send host boot operations

[WFCORE-401] generic model describe operation

prevent the http mgmt server from prematurely close the connections on shutdown

[WFLY-3362] cancel operations when the channel is closed

update jar invalidation utils

was: 31dab1bb8ed260f27ec7845d85e4ff16a9b680ca

[WFLY-3402] ignore the actual field name

was: 9bd9bd17188ecee4971b6d772593cec1b221f107

[WFLY-3362] make sure operations get cancelled on channel close

was: 89d132d5376f9706aefd34f6eee2bddfb4e83ce6

[WFLY-3360] don't send null error messages

was: d0fe9f49d0c08411bfe48f71874cd41786d863d8

[WFLY-3359] don't copy the streams into memory

was: 8906bb1d60da5170001c2b38d6daecb220976044