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Make the ServerDeplyoemntRepository-temp-threads daemon

was: c18323fcd10661e83b5b9336c0fa78573f66d67e

WFLY-1786 Return the correct http and https ports taking into account the port-offset

was: f4c03f4cee14e042a8a53f2fbfd86720a063603d

WFLY-1547 Use the new TempFileProvider#create() VFS API which allows cleaning up existing content in temp dir

was: 5dd5b7fb1eec9c7e5d9feec023ccd1d326c756d9

WFLY-1924 Make sure the connection creation options specified by a user for a remote outbound connection are taken into account when a default for the same option exists

was: a77c01602696ed34297b0244f6b7d9d59a45cadf

Don't use a constant string for lock

was: 52919a7b22403f2d945a8a51c520eb87b0c99a20

Next is 8.0.0.Alpha3 (this time for real) :)

was: 0d62f9d2e47cc960422ca39070b116b3783ea750

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Create the remoting endpoint, backed by daemon threads, for CLI. Solves shutdown problems

was: dc3f3b4492e89cd7f97d48ab08d6a4869708da90

WFLY-1373 Fix dependency on sun.jdk to import the services to allow the Javascript engine to be found

was: 1d4d1047167dbae0f7279705b326aae5914e6009

AS7-6580 Deprecate the methods on ModuleSpecification instead of removing those

was: 0e9116a8f700f3159112066a5487700fe503cbff

AS-6580 Make a change to the ModuleSpecification API to make it clear that only "local dependencies" of a ModuleSpecification can be used for applying transitive dependencies

was: 7946a6074f0e9024a891321479a9817e929fb0de

AS7-6476 Add support for missing-method-permissions-deny-access for EJBs, to control whether or not to allow access to secured bean methods, which don't explicilty have security metadata

was: 5e43e4058d69af65e2d5bb1051155e441be62063

AS7-3772 Undo unintentional change to class name

was: c12142a55742a8903ba512d114bb4bc35e01d2d8

AS7-5897 Introduced a feature to allow user application specific "container-interceptors" which gets applied before certain JBoss specific server side interceptors get applied

was: 3ad941690b6c7f3c256309ea0edd3eeea68d7af2

AS7-5845 Fix PluggableMBeanServerImpl#isRegistered() to take into account MBeans registered with the root MBeanServer

was: 187f54962c3139b2b0464590b42691996f1ee31e

AS7-5581 Enable security on EJBs if they are marked for security restrictions, even in the absence of an explicit security domain configuration on the bean

was: 8f99b6de5cb4f3885ca844f2685b46ab122d51c2

AS7-4992 Fix filesystem deployment scanning during boot time, where previously deployed files were ignored

was: 248c5e763b36e18e2ba64d69ac3c525008d18cf6

AS7-4901 Adding DEBUG logging in JaasCallbackHandler

was: 9ee9bd0d3c6cbd86ee9767e46119232fcc60bdc1

AS7-4583 Set the scan interval on the boot time scanner

was: 3257e4d4418e5a8628524776360a422ddc7fe821

AS7-4099 Add support for cluster configurations within the EJB client context via jboss-ejb-client.xml for server to server communication

was: fce4e9f62fc119442f2f3550d760df74cc9501fd

AS7-3330 Support for setting pass-by-reference semantics for remote interface invocations on EJBs at subsystem level along with a testcase for pass-by-reference semantics configuration on EJB subsystem

was: d82e52ce35824e21fc692dec3a90d020c3f2dda8

Setup the deployment unit processors for the pool annotation and DD merging. Also a minor fix to the pool parser

was: d3145b7ba38e5db17b09d88515bef170cf2bb4f0

AS7-3171 Fix parsing of jboss-deployment-structure.xml for 1.1 version

was: dcb97e5ce0f0219af22604ec8af7beef51f85cd6

Fix a error reporting issue and a merge issue

was: e889b15686e4daf4d6ba9da987c5dfc4952e3f6a

Fix updating of destination port

was: 4da17f77b2f2b5577d28520662a8a98c2a431512

Initial implementation of client-mappings

was: 17affb5261af441b528e57c3738910f4505e6b12

Mark ClientMapping as serializable since it gets passed around in a clustered cache (and the ClientMapping contents are itself Serializable anyway)

was: 87f013565977f8ed50d5f2906741b70b5c7024d5

More client-mapping integration changes (WIP)

was: 5c600beea37578c3fb837b60d0bfc8253f133561

Fetch the ClientMapping applicable for the EJB remoting service from the remoting connector's socket binding

was: a8750aeba245f9071b7de8315b708b831d37beb2

Minor logging fix

was: c0b350035c61dc6ae46d08a35e19da460634bca9

Process the security-role metadata correctly and take into account the alias roles configured via security-role-ref, while generating security metadata for EJBs

was: 9e79abe0f7ffdeb70994b55f80c17f35f71eb614