kabir <> in WildFlyCore

[WFLY-2747][WFLY-2754] Fix bug overriding app name for product

was: 253c2657248bb913085594a272d624046ceb152b

[WFLY-2746] Workaround, configure auditlog syslog facility using system property

was: 2173b05caf165acaf67a3207eb93f0a9ae527442

[WFLY-2747][WFLY-2754] Make audit log facility and appName configurable in the management API

was: 896170d3d8cefcec6034768c758966167c1449a5

Close the JMXConnector in the JMX tests to avoid leaking endpoints & threads

was: 037ad30e396af67ffa5708301aa871c7ef6c7645

[WFLY-2696] Fix and test use of audit log to syslog in domain mode

was: 935626b942f4905b980b3ed76828be1bbe3d5224

[WFLY-2218] Add ability to not list runtime resources and attributes in CompareModelVersionsUtil

was: a0f3f203c41941b348a8071cbc647e49852bbed2

[WFLY-2218] Make LegacyKernelServicesInitializer.addMavenResourceURL() take a varargs of maven gavs

was: b89e201598e0fa497c84a036400f4d774d20b19a

[WFLY-2588] Handle additional quotes in system properties correctly

was: 9451efb37a2513e5d0c7a0ad57ced9a727ea39c2

Use return value of ModelFixer when comparing reverse controller model

was: dd3bfe5100ba87641e34547f7722011feeb90a3a

[WFLY-2530] Add the operation header if removed by the transformer

was: bafd44b2040553285b3ec2189fea36994d488123

[WFLY-2218] Make the conditional ignore check for transformers tests against old EAP versions less intrusive

was: 486ea8aa8f7928965f03047823f9536318a9c44d

[WFLY-2476] Security transformer improvements and better test coverage

was: aad8a14f00382382abdab30bb2010e9dcbe6de05

[WFLY-2185] Only create one childfirst classloader per old version in core-model transformers tests to a) optimize b) avoid PermGen issues

Previously a child first class loader was created for every single test method/old version combination, causing occasional PermGen problems with tests containing many test methods

was: 6ccad0e095c58021c943bff714f1e3e1fd1c8257

[WFLY-2218][WFLY-2237] Test jmx transformers against previous eap versions

was: b3b67890b3a085349839fda7a3e47502c66b29a0

[WFLY-2218] Test jaxrs, xts, jsr77, webservices, sar, pojo and jdr against previous eap versions

was: bb128a32c2c1c4004bc761b53dd2d4032d86d07f

[WFLY-2218][WFLY-2233] Test ejb3 transformers against previous eap versions

was: c83f12d2d4db157396f0390df99662368fe96e95

[WFLY-2218] More forgiving specification of -Djboss.test.transformers.eap

was: 78f5250e5ae1634194d8781a5c2dfd933591ad08

[WFLY-2218] Support being able to add individual classes from target/test-classes (or elsewhere) to the child first CL, and actually pass AdditionalInitialization through to the legacy controller

was: 736506c3c3b166de190b16b164091dd0565aeb14

[WFLY-2218] Test sar, pojo, jdr, jaxrs, jsr77 against previous versions

was: 9d0c68a06dde79e046fb0600f073592ae3aa879b

[WFLY-2218] Put known versions in alphabetical order

was: a05de7f258f4c809fccd8396618c7c18d5e9dc06

[WFLY-2218][WFLY-2230] Fix web subsystem transformers for 1.1.1 and test transformers against 7.2.0

was: 813b4e86495e2b0cc4703bd24f54600b29420f66

[WFLY-2218][WFLY-2241] Naming subsystem transformers tests against 7.2.0

was: 767362577e3377f8f607c38a6d616ba3ed2b02e0

[WFLY-2218] Remove isDefined() check in AttributesPathAddressConfig

was: aed7d771fde077fcd7d45206e4ffa0371615ea9d

[WFLY-2218] Test that all the controllers start in standardSubsystemTest()

was: 1e533646a02205bc8704f8867a474b33fef393b6

[WFLY-2218][WFLY-2245] Rework transactions transformers tests to more easily be able to test against old EAP versions

was: 25f1a3eab90c2ec68f94b38a14cea94083d75a02

[WFLY-2218] Renable the xts transformers test, and some fixes to the transformers

was: f325111b61e58ebe56f17d4236599d8f2c2180c4

Fix test so it will work on JDK 8

was: 9b9cfc605fbcf86138ca89149b31a2e0d9eeed8b

[WFLY-2316] Make ResourceTransformationDescriptionBuilder.addChildRedirection(PathElement current, PathElement legacy) handle wildcard redirects

was: 1fc967d77576e5d9871f6ca0979a9fcde5896921

[WFLY-2279] Explicitely turn on the transformers tests for eap using -Djboss.test.transformers.eap

was: 44c558ad552df1a70c5b5d031f6c1f102aaddea0

[WFLY-2279] Fix memory leak causing ChildFirstClassLoaders to not get collected

was: 2fa3d380ef0c961f6e250492a016a4cf04708d09