kabir khan <> in WildFlyCore

Merge pull request #4194 from yersan/tasks/WFCORE-4958

[WFCORE-4958] Create the ModelTestModelControllerService variants for the EAP 7.3.0 controllers

Merge pull request #4169 from kabir/pr-template

PR template

PR template

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Merge pull request #4160 from kabir/disable-github-actions-dep-tree

Disable the GitHub Actions dep tree check job

Disable the GitHub Actions dep tree check job

It cannot work with GitHub Actions at present

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Use secret





Temp commit just to triggger the Dep tree checker

Revert "Create tmp.yml"

This reverts commit 49492300deeebe666f4ca93c4b4504decf36d085.

Create tmp.yml

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Add GitHub Action for dependency checker

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Remove patch-config xsds, they are not used here

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[WFCORE-4770] Fix race condition in tests

[WFCORE-4770] Manualmode tests for the CLI boot hook

[WFCORE-4770] Hook in server controller for boottime CLI scripts

The mechanism to do this is in a 'throwaway' module loader

[WFCORE-4770] Add interface to invoke additional boot operations from CLI

Merge pull request #4040 from darranl/WFCORE-4700

[WFCORE-4700] Adding MicroProfile JWT

Merge pull request #4047 from fl4via/WFCORE-4784

Upgrade Undertow to 2.0.29.Final

Merge pull request #3953 from ropalka/WFCORE-4660

[WFCORE-4660] Upgrade JBoss MSC to 1.4.10.Final

[WFCORE-4570] quote path element if it contains = or /

[WFCORE-4570] quote path element if it contains = or /

[WFCORE-4492] Upgrade to component matrix 1.0.3.Final

Merge pull request #3733 from gaol/WFCORE-4405

[WFCORE-4405] Binary jar files in model-test

[WFCORE-4366] Explicitly excluse commons-lang3

Ignore the build.metadata created by the plugin