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Add workflow action for closing stale PRs

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WFCORE-3586 - issues with adding jmx to embedded HC started with empty config

WFCORE-3505 - Booting a domain slave with no cached domain.xml and no available master does not exit as expected

WFCORE-3293 - Transformers logging duplicate messages on DC when managing mixed domain

JBEAP-12948: Legacy slaves can't understand new enum version values

WFCORE-3226: Legacy slaves can't understand new enum version values

WFCORE-3226: Legacy slaves can't understand new enum version values

WFCORE-2968 add test for domain server auth with elytron configured and no legacy auth realms

WFCORE-3125 Intermittent failures in ServerAuthenticationTestCase.testDisableLocalAuthAndStartServers and move ServerAuthenticationTestCase to DomainTestSuite

WFCORE-3120 - fix and reenable SlaveHostControllerElytronAuthenticationTestCase.slaveWithPlainMechanism()

WFCORE-2968 - add test for domain server auth - additional cleanup to start domain server auth seperately to realm add() - allow servers to use local auth for connection

correct domain server prefix length identifier

WFCORE-2968 - domain server auth for legacy auth-realms

WFCORE-2945 - Code is using ProcessType.HOST_CONTROLLER to identify an HC, ignoring EMBEDDED_HOST_CONTROLLER

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WFCORE-2836 - better version of verifying the slave has actually deregistered before continuing tests

Some additional cleanup, check return outcomes of executed ops etc

WFCORE-2836, additional fix

WFCORE-2844 Move javax.json module to WildFly Core

some minor testsuite cleanup

WFCORE-2836 CachedDcDomainTestCase flakyness

fix bad import in ModuleTestCase

fix fs realm ops

WFCORE-2774 - move to core WFCORE-2749 - move AbstractSlaveHCAuthenticationTestCase WFCORE-2774 move & remerge HttpMgmtInterfaceElytronAuthenticationTestCase from full to core WFCORE-2746 - use wildfly mvn plugin

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move the elytron module and deps to core-feature-pack

correct domain server op count to 19, as query appears as an additional, read-only op)

WFCORE-396 READ_ONLY domain server ops

WFCORE-2685 - mark http-interface.http-upgrade as restartAllServices()

WFCORE-2562 dont fail boot if we cant remove old configuration history

Add back defaults for SSL / TLS connections

WFCORE-2331 - log warning a reconnected slave if reload-required or restart-required triggered