peter skopek <> in WildFlyCore

[WFCORE-3101] Upgrade Wildfly-Elytron-Tool to 1.0.0.CR4

[WFCORE-3080] fix to PS1 script: proper append of script name to the first parameter in the list

[WFCORE-3070] synchronization for NSS DB based keystore loading needed (FIPS)

[WFCORE-3070] get standard TrustManager to work in FIPS mode

[WFCORE-3032] Upgrade to Elytron Tool 1.0.0.CR1

[WFCORE-2976] WildFly Elytron Tool, Credential-store command has to have way how to set security provider for custom credential store implementation

[WFCORE-2915] Upgrade Wildfly-Elytron-Tool to 1.0.0.Beta7

[WFCORE-2868] Upgrade Wildfly-Elytron-Tool to 1.0.0.Beta6

[WFCORE-2867] Credential store reload operation doesn't have effect on dependent resources

[WFCORE-2773] Upgrade Wildfly-Elytron-Tool to 1.0.0.Beta5

Backport of Elytron 1.1.0.Beta38 upgrade related work from ladybird. Merge remote-tracking branch 'incubator/ladybird' into WFCORE-2708

[WFCORE-2709] Upgrade Wildfly-Elytron-Tool to 1.0.0.Beta3

[WFCORE-2708] Upgrade WildFly Elytron to 1.1.0.Beta38

[WFCORE-2427] remove URI attribute from credential store resource

[WFCORE-2677] Upgrade WildFly Elytron to 1.1.0.Beta37

[WFCORE-2659] masked password compatibility from previous versions broken

[WFCORE-2474] remove password attribute from keyStoreType in wildfly-elytron_1_0.xsd

[WFCORE-2382] credential reference with {EXT} command ignores parameters

[WFCORE-2278] use PicketBox compatible masked passwords

[WFCORE-2211] fix credential-reference def. check

[WFCORE-2210] fix wrong assertion

[WFCORE-2210] attribute resolve in getCredentialSourceSupplier moved to proper place

[WFCORE-2210] CredentialReference doesn't need to be destroyable

[WFCORE-2210] fix nonstandard credential-reference marshalling

[WFCORE-2211] CredentialSourceSupplier should indicate empty secret attribute by returning null

[WFCORE-2168] Remove CredentialStoreClient in favour of CredentialSource

[ELY-810] adapting Credentails Store related classes to the latest API changes

[WFCORE-2790] WildFly Elytron Tool scripts

[WFLY-7432] Fixed method description (getAttributeDefinition)

[WFLY-7432] Elytron key-store requires set credential-reference which is wrongly marked as optional