richard opalka <> in WildFlyCore

Removing unused class

[WFCORE-1833] Fixing wrong usage of service loader iterator - also hasNext() can throw ServiceConfigurationError)

[WFCORE-1374] Propagate cli.jvm.args and surefire.system.args to tests

WFCORE-1374 - make code work with jdk9b115 and newer

- upgrade jboss-modules

- WFCORE-1290 upgrade jboss-marshalling

[WFCORE-1494] Define and propagate ${modular.jdk.props} property where necessary

[WFCORE-1431] Define and propagate ${modular.jdk.args} property where necessary

[WFCORE-1493] Fix proper -Djdk.launcher.addexports.%d JVM property values propagation

[WFCORE-1374] Picketbox testsuite fix

[WFCORE-1374] Propagate where applicable ${surefire.system.args} value

[WFCORE-1491] Don't rely on default (JDK) JAXP providers - specify explicit ones

[WFCORE-705] Upgrading to JBoss MSC 1.2.6.Final

[WFCORE-705] Upgrading to JBoss MSC 1.2.6.Final

[WFCORE-651] Porting jboss-as-remoting_1_2.xsd to WildFly Core + providing test case

[WFCORE-651] Porting jboss-as-remoting_1_2.xsd to WildFly Core + providing test case

[WFLY-3053] Revert BootstrapImpl stability monitor changes - using old (but working) service listener approach

was: a48632d149084bf31782c7700d6341957baadd40

[WFLY-2407] Upgrading MSC + removing all MSC-136 workarounds

was: c5d73e0c30ac39058f5dcc00362fc49c9b5535d6

[WFLY-1405] upgrade MSC to 1.2.0.Beta1

was: ab30ee7c58a82b98643ed7f34f36e0a37a02e4f6

[WFLY-1405] replacing ServiceListeners with StabilityMonitors where applicable

was: bdea7e5f3682c98fb1cd8d6a68199acf0148a46a

[AS7-6784] upgrade to new MSC version to fix StabilityMonitor related memory leaks

was: 58d6a0621ae9a083f1ab77b0a4ccf739c065a294

include start exception in exception message

was: 0a99d6348997fd9a065702a9fbc977cb47ab8d7f

comply with 'unused imports' checkstyle rule

was: 8534c8afdbcfe3f97ddad6099daf33b62952cbcc

rewriting BootstrapListener to use StabilityMonitor + StabilityStatistics

was: d0963e1eaa6a377ee7ef11a85cbd7a2cc43bbeb8

use stability monitors where possible

was: ab19191a28c73ddceb624c4bda4af968a0cb4e65

stability monitors are inheritable - thus don't use Listener.Iheritance feature + always remove listener when stability monitor is registered

was: d1231a3ad6c43ff073e471e3a79b2d3a5c2c80aa

rewriting ContainerStateMonitor to use MSC 11x StabilityMonitor

was: 9a0616cd52539a2a746b7c8ea5c09896ce16993d

We cannot remove ServiceVerificationHandler listener from controllers.

There are services that have ServiceVerificationHandler registered in ServiceListener.Inheritance.ALL mode,

see e.g. DeploymentHandlerUtil.doDeploy() method.

MSC child services registration process important part flow is

ServiceControllerImpl$ChildServiceTarget.install() -> ServiceContainerImpl.install() -> ServiceContainerImpl.apply()

where in method apply() listeners in ALL mode are propagated from parent to child services.

was: f998de1485901b7e86634e0f9baca9dfe5282be3

[MSC-122] sync. with David prototype including listenerAdded method fix

was: 2362fab4d897001ac9f6be5f2a2b7fc5947e166e

complete sync. with MSC 1.1.x branch

was: 44d6986ea9b9013c2a510032508e6cceeaf30846

do not change parent method signagure

was: ebac64f36a598e9236991399085b009064b672a0

implement fugly MBean attribute inspection

was: a67d69edd68343173a2ba47e8c14b63dd4487e79