richard opalka <> in WildFlyCore

refactoring - introducing JAXRPC POJO integration processor

was: 88f27e5140faf9148d0c9cffcda470282257aaf9

[JBWS-3375] resuscitating JAXRPC EJB integration

was: af46ef66d371805a2708e35d08f50a3393626286

[JBWS-3376] jboss-webservice.xml parser integration

was: b065b7cc004cd63bac523573a9247a64d245f772

[JBWS-3276] support for POJO JAXWS endpoints not specified in web.xml descriptor

was: 3ff03b4fab40a0c071bb2e34a76711aabac2fe84

adding WS AS7 components for JAXWS POJO endpoints & JAXWS handlers

was: b085ea63b8ec977bbdf036f2044cfa2cfef5cf99

initial WS components description impl

was: e7eb376bbab9767421cdf10f8f967f62773b1022

introducing WSRefDDProcessor

was: 187b36b59594644f3d444662cda150c286f4d49f

Resuscitating annotation driven WS ref: * Moved @WebServiceRef processor from PARSE to POST_MODULE phase * Removed unnecessary parameters propagation in WSRefAnnotationParsingProcessor * Fixed WSRefValueSource classloading issues

was: fb63618379e4e00288fbcbfcef42c2120b93c8c3

fixing enum typo STANADALONE -> STANDALONE

was: 6300d45eec61b4b5c86c289ea08a77b0903b1b12

moving WS EJB integration processor from POST_MODULE to PARSE phase

was: a7332249987f978c00933715d7d4e21b316d600e

[AS7-1001] expose WS DU processors

was: f73d3349cf5f22a8d81725033aedae88990ae052

don't be too strict when parsing MANIFEST.MF Dependencies attribute - allow whitespaces before & after comma

was: bd76ffe33d79516d433fd473467c135fdb75c9d9

[AS7-902] fixing integration tests

was: 726dd9199a961147343832dec3e0d7876ef6a7a1

[AS7-451] removing dependencies on MSC deprecated classes

was: 48d4d6389ad8903dbc303251c63727a2280e045a

refactoring + fixing bug in params processing method (if all 'export', 'services' & 'optional' were specified on manifest dependency, the last one in the param list have been improperly evaluated)

was: a0f647bdd19ceec0aca70a50f71e2f52b1968fd6

fixing concurrency issue

was: f1046ca2019f11e6de43c5c1aa9fa4f5e85bc757

use dynamic aspects ordering (algorithms is O(1) complexity) and switch to aggregation module instead of hardcoded paths in source code

was: 796149c3adda482e0c118e04af763debbfb13231