stuart douglas <> in WildFlyCore

WFCORE-4599 Handle wildfly-config.xml better for authentication

This was previously cached in a static, which does not work for

multiple deployments. This uses an empty authentication context

for the default (if it was not explicitly set), then explicitly

sets per-deployment ClassLoader default to make sure the correct

class loader is in use when the config is loaded.

WFCORE-4187 Undertow 2.0.15.Final

WFCORE-4175 Undertow 2.0.14.Final

WFCORE-4175 Undertow 2.0.14.Final

WFCORE-4037 Undertow 2.0.13.Final

WFCORE-4006 Undertow 2.0.12.Final

WFCORE-3956 Undertow 2.0.10.Final

WFCORE-3936 classfilewriter 1.2.3.Final

WFCORE-3918 Services created by extension index service is not part of stability monitor

WFCORE-3873 SNI support for SSL

WFCORE-3894 Undertow 2.0.9.Final

WFCORE-3888 Undertow 2.0.8.Final

WFCORE-3824 Undertow 2.0.7.Final

WFCORE-3794 Undertow 2.0.6.Final

WFCORE-3737 OpenSSL 1.0.6.Final

WFCORE-3736 Remove sparc support from OpenSSL native bindings

    • -3
    • +0
WFCORE-3733 Load the security vault in a lazy manner

WFCORE-3729 Undertow 2.0.4.Final

WFCORE-3702 Classfilewriter 1.2.2.Final

Revert "[WFCORE-3658] Introducing wildfly-url-http component"

WFCORE-3681 Undertow 2.0.3.Final

WFCORE-3669 Jboss Invocation 1.5.1.Final

WFCORE-3668 Jandex 2.0.5.Final

WFCORE-3664 WildFly OpenSSL 1.0.4.Final

WFCORE-3662 If an exception occurs resuming an activity the exception is lost

WFCORE-3659 2.0.1.Final

Merge pull request #3109 from bstansberry/WFCORE-3597

[WFCORE-3597] Allow reload handler to signal when to send the early r…

WFCORE-3636 Undertow 2.0.0.Final

WFCORE-3630 wait 100ms before checking server state on reload

WFCORE-3614 Only report on directly missing deps

This changes the error reporting on failure to only report on services

that are missing direct dependencies. Services which did not start

due to indirect problems are no longer reported.