xstefank <> in WildFlyCore

[WFCORE-4606] Upgrade Jackson Databind to

[WFCORE-4580] Upgrade JBoss Marshalling from 2.0.7.Final to 2.0.8.Final

[WFCORE-3566] Different results of disabling commands already disabled deployment

[WFCORE-3562] Deployment disable-all doesn't correct function at domain

[WFCORE-3563] Could not enable application deployment on two server groups in domain

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[WFCORE-3553] Improve message from CLI when writing into the directory without permission

[WFCORE-3555] Pipe with echo command gives incorrect result

[WFCORE-3282] Duplicate record is written in property file when group name set to empty

[WFCORE-3316, JBEAP-13193] Server fails to start after submitting invalid security attributes

[JBEAP-12970, WFCORE-3262] Log stacktrace when exception occures in static method

[JBEAP-4904, WFCORE-2154] Enhance CLI logging

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[JBEAP-12826, WFCORE-3203] WildFlyTestRunner throws NullPointerException during stop intermittently

[WFCORE-3190] CLI autocompletion handles incorrectly spaces in front of attribute name

[WFCORE-3093] Unclear failure description when removing elytron policy referenced as the default-policy

[WFLY-9015] Unclear failure description when adding elytron policy resource

[WFCORE-2779] Improve help message in module CLI operation

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