kabir khan <> in WildFlyElytronIncubator

Correct license name in pom

[ELY-367] Ability to set the realm via xml

[ELY-547] Rework OTPTest to use the real server callback handler

[ELY-274] Add handling for ChoiceCallback to AuthenticationConfiguration

[ELY-273] Expose RealmIdentity.getAttributes()

[ELY-272] When loading an id with no attributes, make sure we have a modifiable Attributes impl

Cleanup - Rename skipRoles parameter to skipAttributes

[ELY-256] Make the channel binding factories consume the channel binding callback

[[ELY-208] Refactor Gs2Test to use real server and client CBH

[ELY-255] When just AuthorizeCallback is used, set the authentication name

[ELY-208] Make it possible to turn off the assert of a non-null sasl server

Delete client callback handler

Use real callback handlers for digest test


Deprecate the test Server- and ClientCallbackHandler

[ELY-242] Properties Sasl server and client factories

[ELY-237] Make it possible to configure the realm used on the client

Use real callback handlers for local tests

Use real callback handlers for anonymous tests

Use real callback handlers for plain tests

Use real callback handlers for scram tests where possible

Make Anonumous auth set the anonymous principal name

Recognise realm callback on digest server, and make authorize callback the last

Revise static init order causing NPEs in remoting

Don't use supported protocols reported from the SSLEngine, which do not

exist in the MechanismDatabase