yeray borges <> in WildFlyElytronIncubator

[ELY-1304] Elytron subsystem does not expose digest-sha-384 for digest password

ELY-1284: Allow ServiceLoaderSupplier to load services in a privileged block

ELY-1274: Fix comparison between X509Certificate subjects and LDAP CNs

ELY-1274: Use X500Principal instead of LdapName to compare subjects

ELY-1274: Avoid possible NPE retrieving the LDAP attribute values for X509 Evidence verifier

ELY-1263: Minor refactor to avoid potential nullpointer exception using getParentFile()

ELY-1268: Allow creating OTPasswords using an algorithm specification and a pass phrase

ELY-1268: Change to private some method access in OneTimePasswordImpl

ELY-1268: Removed unused SaslClientFactory from testGeneratePasswordFromPassPhrase test

ELY-1268: Change OTP seed type from byte[] to String

ELY-1268: Do not require padding on read for OTP seed and hash in Elytron Filesystem realm

ELY-1268: Use International ASCII characters for encode/decode oprations for OTP algorithm parameters

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ELY-1259: Add log traces for ElytronAuthenticator exceptions

ELY-1250: Add SASL protocol configuration in AuthenticationConfiguration and use it for SaslClient configuration

ELY-1206: Delete old rotate file audit endpoint becuase it is not longer used.

ELY-1206: Get rid of Java 7 date time API and use Java 8 API for Elytron Audit log files

ELY-1206: Added periodic-rotating and size-rotating audit endpoints

ELY-1091: Fix print summary because aliases are not longer resources

ELY-1199:Allow creation of empty credential stores

ELY-1162: Show an interactive prompt when secret is missing using mask command

ELY-1091: Fixed inconsistent credential store name found in the summary report

ELY-1096: Remove unnecesary volatile modifier for currentSize variable in Rotating File Audit log

ELY-1128: Show an interactive prompt when keystore-password is missing using vault command

ELY-1107: removed attribute duplicity on summary report

ELY-1104: When an alias is added, a wrong value is used as alias password in the summary report

ELY-1104: Allow creating empty credential stores

ELY-1104: Added a code note about --create option

ELY-1091: Fixed summary output to reflect the chosen option