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JCR-1704: Portlet crash and no preview available after saving Office 2010 documents in webdav

Fix description

* Add new WebDavService initial parameter to contain a set of untrusted user agents.

Content-type headers sent by this user agents are now ignored, we use instead MimeTypeResolver to define resource's MIME type.

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JCR-1705:Update doc-style version to build with maven 3

JCR-1695: Update TestRemoveFromValueStorage for value-storage-disable profile

JCR-1678: Bad performance in ChildAxisQuery.SimpleChildrenCalculator.getHits()

Problem description

Using a dataset with 20k users, the Calendar home page takes 160s to display the first time, and 3/4s later.

After 1h (JCR Cache eviction), it takes also 160s to display.

The problem doesn't occur much with 10k users (7s to display).

Fix description

* Avoid invoking getChildNodesData() by storing some needed information in lucene index.

Need to re-index data to ensure that new changes will work.

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JCR-1689: Add new profiles to run functional tests on all supported DBs

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JCR-1660: Problems during testing of Lock operations (EditLockedCommonNodeTest, EditLockedCommonDeepNodeTest)

Fix description

* Check whether the parent node is locked or not.

* Then try to check whether the property exists or not.

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JCR-1684: Exception when we import the same node twice with its version history

Fix description

* Remove the version history of the node during import operation.

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JCR-1667: Invalid session.logout() calls in NodeHierarchyCreatorImpl

Fix description

* Remove session.logout method calls in NodeHierarchyCreatorImpl to have proper logic.

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JCR-1680: webdav bug when clicking go back link in a folder whose name contains a space

Fix description

* Changed the way we determine the parent href for current collection.

Now we pass special attribute for it to the streaming output for the xslt insted of using the address of the current collection with the last element being cut off.

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JCR-1663: Contention on JCRDateFormat on heavy load

Fix description

* Avoided usage of method java.util.TimeZone.getTimeZone(String ID), now we use less synchronized method implemented in kernel project instead.

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JCR-1661: TESTING: Regression during daily testing

Fix description

* For WorkspaceMoveTest and WorkspaceNodeUpdateTest: fixed by avoiding extra cache cleaning while running in cluster environment but with single node.

* For other tests: fixed by avoiding extra putting NullItemData instances to cache.

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JCR-1677: Could not intercept any jcr action listener only in the trunk of a predefined workspace

Fix description

* Workspace name wasn't handled when generating condition list. That's why this condition was skipped when broadcasting events, so Listeners registered on one workspace, received events from another one.

* Pass the workspace name to SessionActionInterceptor via constructor argument and set it into condition's map.

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JCR-1671: Problem of EventListener not triggered when renaming a document

Fix description

* Inject a Session instance to PlainChangesLogImpl class, that is invoked in dataflow. Mentioned Session instance is retrieved from log when preparing the events to broadcast.

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JCR-1656: remove explicit call of System.gc()

JCR-1652: Empty multi-valued properties should be processed properly

How is the problem fixed?

* Before trying to get property value, we check whether the array is empty.

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JCR-1650: Lists stored into the cache can be inconsistent in cluster environment

Fix description

* Invalidate the list of child nodes on all cluster nodes when a new child has been added and the local cache has now the list of child nodes.

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JCR-1634: Find a way to have a name for MBeans of JBossCaches used by the JCR

Fix description

* Set MBeans name of JBossCache explicitly.

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JCR-1633: apply the right patch, update the patch with the full path

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JCR-1654: Performance issues due to SecureRandom.nextBytes under heavy load

Fix description

* Avoid UUID generation for id of SessionImpl.

Now, id of Sessionimpl is generated as "System.currentTimeMillis() + "_" + SEQUENCE.incrementAndGet()"

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JCR-1633: Allow to keep missing values into the JCR Cache

Fix description

* Keep NullNodeData and NullPropertyData in cache for missing values.

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JCR-1636: commit

JCR-1636: Allow to create sessions from ACLs

Fix description

* Create session with custom set of ACL.

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JCR-1630: update WebDavServiceImpl to escape characters while MOVE.

Problem description

* In jcr 1.10.12, it is impossible to copy or move a file when the destination path contains space characters (see JCR-1628).

This problem is not reproduced in jcr 1.12.9-GA, but for easy maintenance, the same fix is applied also to jcr 1.12.x.

Fix description

* Update WebDavServiceImpl. Destination header might contain unescaped characters. If Exception has come during URI building, try to escape characters and build URI again.

* Add unit tests in TestMove and TestCopy.

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