peter nedonosko <> in eXo-JCR-kernel

PLFCLD-53 multitenancy support in kernel

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PLFCLD-53 cleanup

PLFCLD-44 Multitenant annotation javadoc and optional explicilty parameter

Merge branch 'feature/PLFCLD-53' of into feature/PLFCLD-53

PLFCLD-44 TenantsService moved to root container; code formatting

PLFCLD-53 tests fixed; cleanup, updates of javadoc and formatting

PLFCLD-53 relook of API and added TenantStateListener

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PLFCLD-53 changed logic of component registration to support proxy adapter

PLFCLD-53 added test on Component Not Found case and related fixes to the Multitenant impl

Merge branch 'master' into feature/PLFCLD-53

PLFCLD-53 package renamed to multitenancy; javadocs and cleanup

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PLFCLD-53 Multitenant impl rework for instance key discovery: container adapters used also

PLFCLD-53 TenantsService rework and default impl; exceptions cleanup; introduced Tenant and CurrentTenantLookup interfaces for internal work of TenantsService; default configuration of multitenancy support in Kernel

PLFCLD-53 javadoc updated

PLFCLD-53 registration contract more strict: register only if have current tenant otherwise Container should register the comp (for default tenant); TenantsContainerContext removal added in ContainerUtil to avoid the context duplicates in the container

PLFCLD-53 javadoc fixes

PLFCLD-53 TenantsService interface moved to Kernel; Multitenant components wrapper interface; related exception classes

PLFCLD-53 TenantsContainer getters uses accept() to decide for context or super. TestTenantsContainer reworked to test the container features of multitenancy.

PLFLCD-53 added Exception for registration errors (not Current Repository etc); added unregistration method

PLFCLD-53 merge with origin

PLFCLD-53 work on removal of default container and hasComponent in ConcurrentPicoContainer (was added by us)

PLFCLD-53 don't accept instance adapters in dummy context

PLFCLD-53 merge with origin

PLFCLD-53 TenantsContainer and its context renames

PLFCLD-53 merge with master

PLFCLD-53 merge with origin

PLFCLD-53 cleanup of TenantContainer

EXOJCR-751 FIXED: next development version of Foundation Kernel (2.3.0-Beta01-SNAPSHOT)

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EXOJCR-751 fix scm links

EXOJCR-751 next development version of Foundation Kernel (2.3.0-Beta1-SNAPSHOT)

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