krisv <> in jBPM

JBPM-3152: When creating a task without comment, querying for tasks generates duplicate tasks - Fix duplicate task summaries in query

Fix complex gateway handler

add support for process version

JBPM-3065: jbpm exception are hard to understand

adding missing section in installer docs

updating evaluation example

updating to jBPM 5.1-SNAPSHOT adding documentation

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updated Drools download url

updating download urls in installer

updating to MVEL 2.1.RC1

Update to MVEL 2.1.0.M1

removing paste

Updating to Drools 5.2.0.M1

switching to Drools 5.2.0-M1

adding backup maven repo

updating docs

adding docs + small enhancements

improving oryx integration

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improving oryx integration

updating install script

Updating to Drools 5.2 SNAPSHOT

Updating to Drools 5.2 SNAPSHOT

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persistence refactor

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Updating to latest version of designer

Updating to Drools 5.2 SNAPSHOT

Adding section on REST interface

JBRULES-2759: Extended TaskSummary with ProcessInstanceId

JBPM-3019: Installer does not download/install correct version of eclipse on Linux running 64bit JVM

JBPM-3018: Installer does not successfully configure jBPM runtime on Mac OS

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adding Windows 2003 to install script