JBESB-3743: Transactional improvement for invm resources


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    The transactional behaviour of InVM resources associates a single message with each XAResource. If multiple InVM operations occur within the same transaction then multiple XAResources will be enlisted into the transaction, causing the transaction manager to do more work than is necessary.

    The code needs to change so that there is a single XAResource enlisted with each transaction, representing multiple operations.

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    /branches/.../transport/InVMResourceManager.java Added
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    /branches/.../transport/InVMTemporaryTransport.java Changed
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    /branches/.../transport/InVMTransport.java Changed
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    /branches/.../tx/InVMXAResource.java Changed
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    /branches/.../transport/InVMResourceManagerUnitTest.java Added
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    /branches/.../tx/JBESB_2866_UnitTest.java Changed
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