JBIDE-9133: Utility projects are not zipped inside WEB-INF/lib when deploying to...



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    Reviewer - Complete 1h 10m 9 talked to rob, he perfectly agrees.
    Reviewer - 100% reviewed 1h 6 Okey - understood but again that specific test was remove...
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    Check the code for bugs and confirm that it meets functional, performance, security requirements and coding standards.
    If you create a dynamic web project, add a utility project, deploy the web project to an AS7 server,
    then the zipped utility project is missing from the deployed WEB-INF/lib

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    Max Andersen

    Just trying out cruciible with this basic bug fix to learn https://source.jbo...

    Just trying out cruciible with this basic bug fix to learn

    /trunk/as/.../v7/DeploymentMarkerUtils.java Changed 1
    /trunk/as/.../internal/ServerListener.java Changed 10
    /trunk/as/.../core/util/ServerUtil.java Changed 3

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