Expose TranslationService register methods for dynamic loading (#353)

Provide a way to determine SessionExpired on disconnect (#351)

Add the ability to simply interrupt navigation without enforcing a redirect.

This is a valid for case for onHiding, when we want to cancel the hiding of a page.

ERRAI-1104: Ability to intercept any remote call from the ClientMessageBus

ERRAI-1102: Resolve abstract classes being picked up by the data bind generator with wildcard.

Minor doc clean up.

ERRAI-1098: Implement PayloadPreprocessor for server side payload processing.

ERRAI-1099: Ability to update the pages state without invoking a full navigation.

This is something that we find very useful when it comes to retaining our pages workflow in the URL. With this we just call updateState with a new set of state data (or a modified version) and we retain the pages initial state.

This introduces the @PageUpdate lifecycle hook that will be invoked when Navigation.updateState is called.

Fix a bindable proxy regression.

Gracefully ignore non-public properties in bindable proxies.

Ignore bindable interfaces.

Support custom security exception handling (#311)

Move security redirection logic to security handler that can be replaced via IOC alternatives.

  1. … 6 more files in changeset.
Change Assert.assertTrue to assertTrue.

Attempt to fix the tests.

Reset the proxies rather than replace.

Update javadocs.

Improve the ErraiServiceSingleton proxy management & allow persistent initCallbacks.

Now when ErraiServiceImpl#stopService() is called the ErraiServiceSingleton will reset.

Fix the failing tests.

Account for no errorCallback correctly.

Fixed issues where DefaultErrorHandlers wouldn't be invoked in RpcProxy's.

Fix issues with servlet reloading tools (like spring-boot-devtools).

We need the service to reinitialize when the servlet refresh is invoked. Also the callbackList should be cleared perhaps this should be optional in the future.

Fix the condition and remove outer loop.

Fix issues where deferred messages error handling would be ignored.

1. Once we've sent all deferred messages with remote subscribers, iterate through remaining deferred messages.

2. For every remaining deferred message, check if it has any local subscribers. If so, remove it as well.

3. Whatever is left had no subscribers, local or remote, so throw an exception.

Expose the CSRF_TOKEN_ATTRIBUTE_NAME for custom server implementations.

Add errai.bus.web_socket_max_frame_size property to expand the default websocket frame size.

Add license headers.

Fixed a format issue.

Update the ContentDelegation java docs.

Some fine tuning and clean up.

We provide the solid object components for better control.

Improve the delegation for advanced handling.