Brian Leathem

Merge pull request #116 from jhuska/RF-13504

RF-13504: client window id included in response tests

Merge pull request #115 from richfaces/RF-13290-push-tests

RF-13290: added non-Warp push tests

RF-12312: Save the clientSelectItem value directly in the processItem method, rather than looking it up from the list of all clientSelectItems

RF-13835: Re-factored metamer to use the re-faactored richfaces component class names

RF-13816: Included Page Fragments in both the distribution archive and the generated javadoc

RF-13522: Fixed a broken figure x-ref and cleaned up remaining figure x-refs

RF-13835: Changed the generated class namoe of the CollapsibleSubTableToggleControl and the *Message components to preserve API compatibility with RichFaces 4.3

RF-13838: Implemented the setPartialRequest method in the EPVC

RF-13832: ebacled built-in sorting and filtering for the collapsible sub-table

RF-13788: Created a AjaxActivatorProps interfaces and added it to the DataTable and ExtendedDataTable components

Merge pull request #111 from jhuska/RF-13475

RF-13475: Ehcache upgraded to 2.8.3

RF-13834: Aliased RichFaces.$ to the RichFaces.component function

RF-13826: Changed RendererUtils to output handlers for default events

RF-13827: Added an undefined check to the extendeddatable.js when responding to row click events

RF-13821: Changed the InputNumber* class references

RF-13818: Changed the JsfVersionInspector#isMojarra check to inspect the class name of the FacesContext.getCurrentInstance(), rather than trying to load the class from the classpath

Fixed a broken link in the javadoc

RF-13821: Reverted the InputNumber* component class changes

RF-13823: Corrected the library/name on the h:ouputScript component of the contextMenu sample

RF-13414: Added descriptive text for event output

RF-11922: Uncommented the actionListener composite component demo

RF-13817: Added the Revision history back to the Component Reference and Developer Guide

    • -0
    • +54
RF-13800: Updated the rich:select docs in the Component Reference mentioning the autocomplete functionality

RF-13800: Updated the VDL doc for the select component

RF-12399: Corrected the library/name on the h:graphicImage component of the contextMenu sample

RF-8701: Implemented a 'pages' facet for the dataScroller

RF-13081: Corrected the disabled facet names in the dataScroller

RF-13081: Implemented the disabled facets for the data scroller

Removed the NOTE: around the license information in the README

Removed the NOTE: around the license information in the README