Christian Bauer

JBSEAM-4499, removed nested set datamodel
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JBSEAM-4498, wiki hibernate upgrade final
Doc review
JBSEAM-4501, wiki registration protection
JBSEAM-4498, wiki upgrades: Hibernate 3.3, JDK6 compatibility for tests
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JBSEAM-2057, implemented wiki text preformatted syntax highlighting
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Customizable preformatted block rendering
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    • +7
JBSEAM-4039, documented sub-resource limitation
JBSEAM-4247, removed support for Seam component JAX RS providers
Minor forum query performance optimization
JBSEAM-4402, fixed implied but wrong BeforeClass order in DBUnitSeamTest
JBSEAM-4360, fixed REST URI base path extraction
Optimized HTTP caching etc. for wiki production profile
More tests for Restbay example
JBSEAM-4383, infrastructure for HTTP optimization
JBSEAM-4195, Moved enhanced mocks and resource testing utility into core
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JBSEAM-4289, Improved DBUnitSeamTest and adjusted examples
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JBSEAM-4291, Upgraded TestNG to 5.9
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JBSEAM-4221, documented SeamTextParser and XSS sanitizer
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JBSEAM-4199, minor wiki bugfixes
Documented latest REST features
JBSEAM-4195, moved ResourceSeamTest from examples to resteasy module
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JBSEAM-4152, Fixed session handling in SeamResourceTest, enabled tests
JBSEAM-4167, improved RESTEasy bootstrap code, many new tests

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JBSEAM-3264, prevent anemic sessions on REST requests