Chris Laprun

- Fixed invalid descriptors.
- PBR-287: always initialize beans field.
- JBEPP-291: Force WS timeout from XML to bypass the fact that the value cannot be persisted in DB.
- JBEPP-291: Added option to configure WS timeout from WSRP consumer descriptors.
- Cleaned-up WSRPProducer interface to add configuration contract to interface.

- Moved session and init cookie configuration methods to ProducerConfiguration where they belong.

- Removed obsolete dependence on registration module.

- Properly remove JAX-RPC code.

- Rewrote RemoteSOAPInvokerServiceFactory to use JAX-WS facility instead of parsing WSDL. Needs to be tested.

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- Updated admin GUI so that it compiles and packages with Maven. NOT tested yet.
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- Reverted back to using assembly plugin so that we can get a jar to be used by admin GUI as an artifact.

- Added classes to assembly descriptors though the method of adding them is rather crappy... :(

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- Merged formerly extracted registration module into producer module as it won't be used for anything else, normally.
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- Adapted to changes to InstanceContext.
- Re-added consumer module, updated to use JAX-WS. Now compiles but still need to work on packaging.

- Adapted to changes to PortletContext (getState method doesn't exist anymore).

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- Moved WSRPExtensionHandler to JAX-WS, lost ability to configure handler.

- Moved registration package from producer to common as it is also needed by GUI, removed dependency on producer classes.

- Removed common dependency on JAX-RPC.

- Added @HandlerChain annotations to endpoints.

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- Re-enabled registration of producer invoker.

- Register federating portlet invoker instead of invoker directly on the consumer side.

- Modify FederatingPortletInvoker implementation so that local invoker doesn't wrap portlet contexts to add invoker id.

Removed wsrp1-rpc module as it's not used anymore.
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- Added JAX-WS annotations. Service now properly deploys but still requires integration with PC to work properly.

- Renamed WSRPService in WSDL to WSRPV1Service.

- Removed JAX-RPC specific files.

- Re-implemented end points. Wiring still needs to be done.

- Moved WSRPProducer to producer package.

- Started switch to JAX-WS. Still requires work on the endpoints most notably but most of the API changes have been made.

- Removed ResponseDebugFactory.

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- Adapted to change of package of many portlet module classes that are now in an api package.

- Added configuration directory to resources.

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- Beginning of WSRP integration with eXo.
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- Register persistence manager and producer portlet invoker with kernel so that they can be used in WSRP.

- Added portlet-federation dependency.

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- Use FederatingPortletInvoker so that other PIs (WSRP consumers) can be registered and used.

- Inject ServletContainer directly in ContextDispatcherInterceptor to avoid dependency on ExoContainer.

- Added dependencies in POM files so that things compile...

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- JBPORTAL-2186: Backup commit mostly.

+ Added package module to try to output something that would satisfy JBoss' classloader. >_<

+ Added ContainerServlet to Producer + priviledged context for that servlet to work properly.

+ Inject ServletContainerFactory instead of injecting ServletContainer and make sure that ContextDispatchInterceptor uses it.

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- Worked around jboss-service.xml injection mechanism so that it can be used in an MBean context.
- Use most recent version of web module.

- Do not bundle shared libs.

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- DefaultServletContainerFactory is used as a singleton but yet allows direct instantiation. In particular, injecting it as an

MBean causes 2 instances to be created. The injected instance not being the "singleton" one, this would cause dependent

MBeans to not be able to detect portlet deployments because registerContext would refer to the "singleton" instance, not

the injected version. Hence, WebAppEvent listeners would be registered with the wrong instance. We need to fix this design

issue better than making the current solution.

- Avoid bundling shared libs.
Removed empty directory.
- JBPORTAL-2186:

+ Forgot to add conf directory, including producer and hibernate configuration.

+ Changed final name of service to wsrp-producer.

+ Use proper WSRP producer object name in WSRPConstants.

+ Removed useless consumer configuration.

- JBPORTAL-2186: Focused on getting producer working, all the pieces are in place, service deploys. Needs to be tested with a consumer.

+ Extracted producer code into a different sub=module.

+ Extracted state management code from Portal into state package in producer module.

+ Re-worked service definition so that the service now deploys without problems.

+ Use scope to prevent bundling too many jars.

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