Daniel Hinojosa

added another image for the documentation
added more dependency information
added module dependency information
added images to migration doc
rearranged items
added ear content to migration guide
added migration guide
Installed ant for seamspace; although arquillian test does not run. Seems that there are two jboss-seam.jar in the classpath making for extreme sadness.
Finished with ant for booking
halt on failure set to no.
Finished with ant for booking
updated ear.
Added p
Added support of ant into booking.
added jboss-deployment-structure.xml to build.xml per JBSEAM-4918
updated new classpath
Another attempt at .classpath management for new JBT
Added ecj which was required for drools which was causing the issue with JBT
JBSEAM-4961. Replaced disabled with false in richfaces settings.
Included guava dependency in ee6 and blog.
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    • +176
gwt-ejb in examples-ee6 requires gwt-user not as provided but as none, since it is required.
Updated jboss-seam-remoting dependency gwt-user from provided to none. There is no module for it, and it is required by ear.
Updated ear list for apps to work in jbt
needed to include sac.jar and cssparser.jar
invalidate requires ()
logout requires ()
added jar-dependencies to ignore list
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