Darran Lofthouse

[ELY-2006] Update the DelegatingPolicyContextHandler to support only a single key.

[ELY-2005] Adjust Roles to Group conversion so it only happens if the interface 'java.security.acl.Group' is actually available.

[ELY-2005] Add a new SubjectPolicyContextHandler to return a Subject based on the current SecurityIdentity.

[ELY-2005] Bring SubjectUtil from WildFly Core into WildFly Elytron.

[ELY-2006] Add a new DelegatingPolicyContextHandler.

[ELY-2007] Simplify the SecurityIdentityHander so it just used the SecurityDomain from SecurityDomain.getCurrent().

[ELY-2008] Move the JACC specific tests to the JACC module.

[WFCORE-5028] Don't make the CallbackHandler provided by the CLI preferred as it is only intended as a fallback if authentication can not be performed using the available configuration.

[WFCORE-5028] Add a test to ensure the CLI does not use the CallbackHandler when the configuration is within the AuthenticationContext.

[WFCORE-5028] Add a test to ensure the CallbackHandler takes precedence when using ModelControllerClient.

[ELY-2004] Remove handling of delegated credential as it is repeated as soon as `authorizeSrcName(...)` is called.

Merge pull request #1416 from Skyllarr/ELY-1982

[ELY-1982] TLS with BCJSSE Provider does not work

Merge pull request #1421 from SoniaZaldana/ELY-1999

[ELY-1999] Upgrade JBoss Threads to 2.3.5.Final

Merge pull request #1413 from SoniaZaldana/ELY-1997

[ELY-1997] Upgrade jboss-logmanager to 2.1.16.Final

[ELY-2000] Additional TRACE logging where GssCredential obtained from CredentialCallback.

Merge pull request #1403 from fjuma/ELY-1975

[ELY-1975] Update AcmeClientSpi#obtainCertificate so that it obtains the order URL from the response to the newOrder request

Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/1.10.x' into 1.x

Merge remote-tracking branch 'community/1.6.x' into 1.10.x

Merge pull request #1407 from ivassile/JBEAP-19640

Backport ELY-1979, ELY-1981 and ELY-1952

Merge pull request #1391 from darranl/ELY-1954

[ELY-1954] If there is no request path and the application has a context root, redirect to ensure a trailing slash is on the URL.

Merge pull request #1398 from ivassile/JBEAP-19498

[ELY-1953] Elytron tool command execution fails with java.nio.file.No…

Merge pull request #1399 from ivassile/JBEAP-19513

[JBEAP-19513] ELY-1954 - Submission for "j_security_check" login does not work if URL has no trailing slash

[ELY-1983] Release WildFly Elytron 2.0.0.Alpha7

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Next is Alpha8

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[ELY-1983] Release WildFly Elytron 2.0.0.Alpha7

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Merge remote-tracking branch '1.x'

[ELY-1980] Perform API check against 1.12.1.Final

[ELY-1980] Release WildFly Elytron 1.12.1.Final

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Merge remote-tracking branch '1.x'

Next is 1.12.2.CR1

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