Dominik Pospisil

[WFCORE-1306] SlaveReconnectTestCase fails on slow systems

[JBEAP-2768] deploy --url command creates invalid deployment

[WFCORE-1297] deploy --url command creates invalid deployment

[WFLY-5333] CorbaORBService missing dependency on IORSecConfigMetaDataService.

[WFLY-5381] Fix pom.xml jpda profile and add ability to specify additional surefire forked JVM args via command line

[JBJCA-1276] Prefill race condition in flush

WFLY-4590 l1-lifespan attribute in distributed cache configuration does not enable l1 cache

[WFCORE-562] Wrong order of elements in jboss-cli.xml

[WFCORE-540] BZ1165172 fix.

[WFLY-4945] Fix should work for resources with multiple affected attributes.

WFLY-4110 - EJBClientClusterConfigurationTestCase fails on JDK1.8 once -Dnode0 and -Dnode1 are used

WFLY-2515 - JBAS014249 if a fire and forget asynchronous ejb call is made

WFLY-3833 Cannot run mixed-domain tests on IPv6 hosts

WFLY-3815 - Rare fail of due to TimeoutException

Added comments

WFLY-3361 Revert PR6273

WFLY-3361 - IBM JDK's XSL transformer behavior causes invalid config XMLs in some cases

JBPAPP-11034 - run.[bat|sh] scripts fails to start server on IBM jdk (all platforms) and solaris 10

    • -4
    • +13
JBPAPP-11111 Update ApacheDS to 2.0.0-M15

WFLY-3241 - KDC server does not bind to correct address

ISPN-3611 Service jboss.infinispan.default failed to start on IBM JDK 6, argument type mismatch - backport to 5.2.x

ISPN-4127 CacheJmxRegistration.unregisterCacheMBean unregisters cache mbean of all caches

[JBPAPP-11034] Fix for rotating log path containing whitespaces.

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    • +1
    • -2
    • +2
[JBPAPP-11034] - run.[bat|sh] scripts fails to start server on IBM jdk (all platforms) and solaris 10

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    • +7
    • -13
    • +16
[JBPAPP-11036] IIOP - Client principal is retained in subsequent invocations even if the client is not associated with the principal anymore

WFLY-3060 - Rare KrbException: Request is a replay issue in negotiation tests

JBPAPP-10974 - KrbException: Intermittent Request is a replay (34) failures in NegotiationTestCase

DomainTestSuite - added support for execution on mix of multiple JVMs.

Added LayeredDistributionTestCase.


JBPAPP-9259 - RolloutPlanTestCase from CLITestsuite fails on IBMJDK