Erik Jan de Wit

FORGE-1916: added handling for OptimisticLock exception

Merge pull request #87 from hpehl/ERRAI-743

ERRAI-743: Support multiple imports in Less stylesheets

instead of removing keep the psudo selectors

fix test

Merge pull request #83 from edewit/ERRAI-696

fix for ERRAI-696

fix for ERRAI-696

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fixed tests

Merge pull request #76 from edewit/less

now also works for less files with imports

now also works for less files with imports

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Merge pull request #69 from remi-parain/master

missing toLowerCase() call + missing null test on plugin dependency

added pom.xml to satisfy the nexus production rules

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changed to really find the plugin

Merge pull request #63 from edewit/cordova-maven-fix

no longer uses project.version for the template and uploads to different repository for release builds

removed rem

deploy to different repository in case of release build

no longer uses project.version for the template

fixed test added

updated documentation

now adds deferred binding properties to the head of the less stylesheet.

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Merge branch 'master' of

now uses the current version of the project to fetch the template. Be sure to run the bash script to create the template before changing the version as the integration test will fail if the template is not there!

small fix

added windows bat files and version number parameter

save to the store after it's has been saved by the backend so it has an id

of course entities do not use int's as ids

convert numbers into strings because that is also what MarshallWrapper does to be able to use longs in javascript


added install instructions

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changed welcome file

updated image references