Emmanuel Bernard

HHH-12890 Fix link to JPA metamodel generator documentation

HHH-12890 Fix link to JPA metamodel generator documentation

OGM-1152 Add test on List being updated + element collection

OGM-1152 Add GridDialectOperationInvocationTest for @OneToOne @JoinColumn

This test is not complete but offers an overview of persist

OGM-1084 Add script to run docker containers for OGM databases

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HHH-10813 Replace AssertionFailure with HibernateException when collection not processed by flush

OGM-952 Add tests for AttributeConverter using intermediary grid type

OGM-952 Use the GridType compliant with the AttributeConverter intermediary type

OGM-952 Make TypeTranslator a SessionFactory Initiator

Necessary so that TypeTranslator can access TypeResolver.

But makes Neo4J and all dialects invoking the TypeTranslator service fail.

We would need a different approach (find a way to get TypeResolver on

every getType call, get injected the MetadataImplementor, ?)

OGM-952 Test for JPA AttributeConverter type

OGM-952 Adds support for JPA AttributeConverter type

HHH-10419 Detect if the user inappropriately left @Convert.converter to void

HHH-10419 Factor converter instantiation exception error logic

HHH-10242 Detect ambiguous properties

boolean idId() + UUID getId() is ambiguous if no @Transient is involved

HHH-10242 Detect ambiguous properties

boolean idId() + UUID getId() is ambiguous if no @Transient is involved

(cherry picked from commit 5cc5ed1c84584939efe28dd3f8373f68ff194730)

OGM-916 Dialect guide: clarify association logic and other minor improvements

OGM-767 Use the dynamic batch fetching solution for OGM

MultigetGridDialect don't provide the right params

to build prepared statements ahead of time.

Also no dialect have this specific need.

OGM-767 Improve batch fetching test to look at which GridDialect method is used

Make sure getTuples is effectively used when expected basically

OGM-767 Make OgmQueryLoader and BackendCustomLoader use the resultset

It was only containing a single entry per call to the loader

The compiler might be able to optimize better now that one call happens

OGM-767 Move batch fetching test to TCK

OGM-767 Disable batch framework if the dialect does not support MultigetGridDialect

This avoid skewing the ORM fetch statistics

Minor visibility relaxation in AbstractEntityPersister for OGM

Fix checkstyle SLF4J dependency to allow maven-color to work

OGM-767 Remove logs from tests

OGM-767 Add support for dynamic entity loader

OGM-767 Introduce and make use of MultigetGridDialect facet

No dialect is currently making use of it

OGM-767 Load elements of collection in two phases to build the batch fetching queue

OGM-767 Add test for entity batch fetching

OGM-767 Use batch loaders in OgmEntityPersister

Add support for accepting several ids in OgmLoader (for entities).

Make OgmEntityPersister use the batch fetching framework to build batching loaders.

Adapt OgmLoader creators to instead get their instances from OgmEntityPersister

OGM-767 Offer ability to customize inner entity loader builder