Elias Ross

ISPN-75 ; fix marshalling

ISPN-75 JDBM support; use proper basedir

ISPN-75 ; exclude unnecessary dependencies

Revert last change

ISPN-75 : JDBM, use HTree for key/values

ISPN-75 JDBM support; hope it doesn't cause trouble

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Test for unncessary loading of setData for MVCC (Pessimistic is a TODO)

Fix issue with JDBM not clearing existing keys with put(Map) call

JBCACHE-1442 - Add "setData()" call
JBCACHE-1442 - Add "setData()" call
JBCACHE-1442 - Add "setData()" call
JBCACHE-1442 - Add "setData()" call
JBCACHE-1440 - Preliminary implementation; need to come up with some performance tests comparing this with the old
JBCACHE-1447 - Removing nodes when iterating ("browsing") causes browsing to not work properly. Also, exposing some methods as package-protected for JBCACHE-1440

Fix CacheLoaderInterceptor calls both CacheLoader.exist() and get() for every load

Related to JBCACHE-1438

Make one phase commit operation work the same as an async put

JBCACHE-1438 - Optimize state transfer; batch modifications
JDBM cache loader can use Object children names, remove unnecessary cast
JDBM cache loader can use Object children names
Code clean-up

Fix test
Fix: "it's" == "it is", "its" == possessive

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JBCACHE-1368 - Optimize BDB & S3
Clean up Amazon S3 documentation

Miscellaneous fixes pointed out by "findbugs"

Most to do with serialization

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Optimize iteration
Moved to sourceforge repository

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JBCACHE-1286 CacheLoader suppport for Amazon-S3

Test by default use the emulator; Set appropriate system properties to use the real service

Reference repository for http lib

Fix potential thread safety issues

Emulator seems to work with CacheLoader now