Joe Wertz

Redirection issue. Handling input continuously can be difficult in some situations. Allowing AESH to pause processing, and only return input when the program using the library is ready, allows the redirected input to be processed as-needed.

Added a background stack that will auto-start background processes when the current process ends.

Fixing tests on windows. InputStream.close() blocked

Tracking console state

Terminal needs to reset on close even if the console has not actually been started and running=false.

Upgrading AESH to solve issues with the history file and how '< somefile' redirection is handled. Minor CLI change associated with redirection change in AESH.

Refactoring to pass non-interactive input through AESH to access additional functionality

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Controlling end-of-stream stopping

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Changing history behavior to allow duplicates, but not repeated commands

CLI Testsuite Changes

Removing repeated disconnected messages.

Fixing domain-mode reload

CLI variables

AESH Upgrade and associated CLI refactoring. Testsuite Shared Versioning Issue in pom.

Adjustment required due to AESH Upgrade in wildfly-core changing the CLI behavior. Adjusted test passes with and without the AESH upgrade in core.

Errors on CLI server reload reconnection

Changing previous fix for cursor movement during 0 masking issue. Previous solution introduced ArrayIndexOutOfBounds exceptions.

Fixing cursor movement when using null character masking and hitting backspace

Runtime enable/disable of completion capabilities

Enable ctrl-c interrupt when masking is enabled

Command nesting tests in both high-level and low-level APIs

Allow for nested processes via low-level API

Allow history enable/disable during runtime

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Default File History Permissions

Adding newline before interrupt, ctrl-c, closes AESH to put the next prompt on a clean line.

Throwing null-pointer

Add/Update Copyright Header for CLI module

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AESH Upgrade

Support history file permission when persisting history commands into file

Fixing not-equals and path-does-not-exist bugs.