Hai Nguyen

GTNPORTAL-3245: Add comfriming when user remove permissions on edit page & site

Fix missing for edit permissions

Fix test failure for portal module

GTNPORTAL-3338: The position of is not correct in Add category form of Application Registry

Edit page properties when creating new page

GTNPORTAL-3377: Change Move* permission on UI doesn't take effect immediately

GTNPORTAL-3376: Improve code and label for Permission setting UI

Fix minor bug

Require jquery for sitemap.js

Update testcase for portal.arquillian

Update portal.web testcase

Upgrade httpcomponents to 4.3.1 for htmlunit 2.13

Fix twice request when switching layout on composer

Use AmdPlugin to manage js & seperate layout-view.js to several files

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GTNPORTAL-3357: Navigation nodes in GROUP navigation editor don't change label after portal language changed

Improve create new page && edit current page propperties

Validate new page form only once when doing next action & be able modify page properties in edit phase of create new page

GTNPORTAL-3315: Enhance code

Revert "GTNPORTAL-3293 Group all mobile responsive portets into a war packaging"

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GTNPORTAL-3332: Should show more meaning message when user don't have permission to add child navigation node

Improve the new page creation

Simple create new page

move some action links from site.gtmpl to navigation

GTNPORTAL-3346: Message for disabled user when searching in Group Management

GTNPORTAL-3289: Invalid Email addresses when domain part begins with digit character

GTNPORTAL-3315: Improve PortalSetupService and decouple with SetupOrganizationDatabaseInitializer

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Lost window masklayer after switching layout

Should not allow to interact with App when editing page

GTNPORTAL-3333: An attempt to reset the password of a disabled user should fail

GTNPORTAL-3334: Can edit portlet when Container tab chosen