Jeremy Landis

[pom] Update maven-assembly-plugin to 2.6

[pom] Update maven-compiler-plugin to 3.5.1

[pom] Update maven-release-plugin to 2.5.3

[pom] Update maven-clean-plugin to 3.0.0

[pom] Update maven-source-plugin to 3.0.0

Additional maven plugin updates

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Updated .checkstyle.

Pom Updates

Added missing license information

Added missing xml tags

Fix maven schema location

Updated maven plugin versions

Updated maven compiler plugin and removed unnecessary source/target

settings (inherited)

Exclude unnecessary xalan from javaee-web-6.0 which is not readily

available in central and not required per build.

Add missing project.basedir or switch basedir to project.basedir as

later is deprecated.

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Added plugin execution filter

Added plugin execution filter for richfaces-cdk-maven-plugin.

Maven Poms Cleanup

Fix location of maven xsd so it doesn't result in redirects.

Change <name> colon to dash so it is easily imported into myEclipse

Added missing xml version tag where missing

Exclude javaee xalan dependency from jboss as it isn't readily available

via central and unnecessary for build.

Move modeVersion to same location in all poms.

Pom Enhancement to allow easy MyEclipse Development

MyEclipse uses maven <name> for standard maven project import name. The

use of colon is not allowed in this process. The alternative to a

normal import is to know to switch to use the artifactId. This may or

may not be preferred. Therefore, this PR is to simply change the colon

to a space with a dash. It still retains the original intent and makes

myEclipse developers life a little easier when contributing to