Ivo Studensky

WFLY-9836 upgraded jboss-jsf-api_spec to 2.2.13.SP2

WFLY-9891 upgraded PicketLink to 2.5.5.SP9

WFLY-9865 ugraded Jastow to 2.0.3.Final

WFLY-9741 upgraded WildFly Http Client to 1.0.9

WFLY-9726 Upgraded JSF based on Mojarra 2.2.13.SP5

WFLY-9660 upgraded FasterXML Jackson to 2.8.11

WFLY-9047 make elements in jboss-ejb-security_1_1.xsd optional

WFLY-7738 additional permissions for XTS Suspend test-cases

WFLY-6474 additinal permissions for DeploymentWithBindTestCase

WFLY-6475 additional permissions for WebSuspendTestCase due to ManagementClient use

EJBCLIENT-230 setAccesible methods have to be invoked inside of privileged block

WFLY-5169 additional permission for Security Manager based runs

WFLY-6194 another additional permission for WebSocketInjectionSupportTestCase

WFLY-6187 additional permissions for Elytron

WFLY-8448 upgraded JBoss Metadata to 10.0.2.Final

WFLY-6194 additional privileges for EEConcurrencySuspendTestCase

WFLY-8533 call SecurityDomain.getCurrent() within a privileged block

WFLY-6187 additional permissions for RemoteIdentityTestCase#testSwitched()

WFLY-7595 avoid this test if Security Manager is enabled

WFLY-8482 increased CLI connectionTimeout for ObjectStoreTypeTestCase

WFCORE-2600 ability to set connectionTimeout for CLIWrapper

WFLY-6473 added privileged blocks into BaseBeanFactory + fixing the test-case

WFCORE-2593 added privileged block to construct ClassReflectionIndex

JBTM-2868 invoke getContextClassLoader within privileged block

JBTM-2868 invoke getContextClassLoader within privileged block

WFLY-7594 removing needless permissions due to REM3-263

WFLY-5989 removing needless permissions

WFLY-8029 socket perms needs a real server address

WFLY-8074 added a test-case

WFCORE-1889 upgrade xnio to 3.4.1.Final