Jan Blizňák

[JBJCA-1404] Prevent pool filler thread to run parallel with test

This is a followup for previous JBJCA-1404 commits - we need to add

the same workaround for testFillTo() to prevent intermittent race

conditions during testing.

After this patch these tests are alike:



[WFLY-13495] Add missing dependencies for last json-patch update

    • -2
    • +0
[WFCORE-4271] Exclude transitive jboss-servlet-api_3.1 dependency

[WFLY-11573] Remove unused Servlet API 3.1 dependency

    • -16
    • +0
[WFLY-10337] Fix hardcoded hostname in properties file

[WFLY-10034] Sync content of wsconsume and wsprovide scripts - use POSIX-compliant replace everywhere - drop the usage of tools.jar on classpath - sync whitespaces

[WFLY-9971] Fix wsconsume & wsprovide scripts execution on windows

[WFCORE-3520] Better naming in tests for WFCORE-3363

[WFLY-9304] Remove unused DOMImplementationRegistryTestCase

[WFLY-9303] Remove unused ServiceRefWithoutExplicitWsdlServletTestCase

[WFLY-6341] Testcase for basic use of BouncyCastleProvider

[WFLY-5076] WS-Trust/STS tests migrated from JBossWS testsuite

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