Severin Gehwolf

Add missing licenses headers.

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Make javadoc work on JDK 1.8+

Ignore missing params for the generated javadoc of the

rulecheck maven plugin.

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Set system property when agent is installed.

org.jboss.byteman.agent.loaded=true is being set if an agent is loaded.

Provide Java API in Install in order to detect if an agent is loaded.

Make install/submit usable as OSGi bundles.

Add maven-bundle-plugin instructions so as to generate

minimal OSGi MANIFEST metadata.

All packages in both jars are exported.

Resolves BYTEMAN-305.

Fix agent jar lookup when system property is used.

Instead of skipping to set the agentJar instance variable via

locateAgentFromHomeDir(bmHome) go down the same branch as if

the ENV variable was used.

Resolves BYTEMAN-303