Minor change : fix checkstyle error

Minor change : add todo comment

[WFLY-12070]:Exclude more transitive dependencies for jdk11

[WFLY-12070]:Add permission to fix xts tests; This permission is required because CXF-8042

[WFLY-12070]:Exclude cxf transtive dependencies for jdk11

[WFLY-12070]:Upgrade to JbossWS 5.3.0.Final

[WFLY-12070]:Upgrade to CXF 3.3.2

[WFLY-12036]:Upgrade jaxbintros to 1.0.3.GA

[WFLY-10906]:Fix publicCredential and privateCredential are lost in converted SecurityIndentity

[WFLY-10906]:Fix roleMapper is lost in SecurityIndentity

[JBWS-4134]:clean up security identity

Minor change:more improvement

[EAP7-1017]:Clarify and correct more things

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Minor change: add missing copyright header

Minor change:remove the unused dependency

[WFLY-10480]:Add test

[WFLY-10480]:Add documentation

[WFLY-10480]:Convert subject to Elytron securityIdentity

[WFLY-10480]:Convert subject to Elytron securityIdentity

[WFLY-10264]:Add conditional jsonb-binding-provider dependency to jaxrs deployment

WFLY-10264:Resteasy JSON provider fails in EE7 module

[WFLY-10032]:Add resteasy-json-binding-provider dependency to jaxrs deployment processor"

[WFLY-5759]:Local web-app.xsd can't be loaded to validate web.xml

WFLY-8369:resteasy.scan in context parameter doesn't need to be handled in JaxrsIntegrationProcessor

[WFLY-7998]:Fix NPE in org.jboss.as.webservices.invocation.AbstractInvocationHandler.invoke

[JBWS-4048] Initial Elytron integration

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[WFLY-6868]:Remove deprecated and duplicated class AcceptEncodingGZIPInterceptor

[JBWS-3916]:Exclude test when container is wildfly8.x
[JBWS-3916]:Remove the workaround for JBWS-3843
Remove java.security.AllPermission in permission.xml