[WFLY-13337]:Upgrade CXF from 3.3.5 to 3.3.6

[WFLY-13337]:Upgrade CXF from 3.3.5 to 3.3.6

[WFLY-13255]:Upgrade to Apache WSS4j 2.2.5

[WFLY-13185]:Add microprofile restclient dependency to jaxrs deployment

[WFLY-13185]:Add microprofile restclient dependency to jaxrs deployment

[WFLY-12940]:Upgrade jbossws-cxf to 5.4.1.Final

[WFLY-12940]:Upgrade JBossWS to 5.4.0.Final

[WFLY-12730]:Move SimpleGroup to a public outter class

[WFLY-12708]:Upgrade saaj api to 1.0.1.Final

[WFLY-12443]:Upgrade jboss-jaxrpc-api_1.1_spec to 2.0.0.Final

[WFLY-12440]:Upgrade jboss-jaxws-api_2.3_spec to 2.0.0.Final

[WFLY-12441]:Upgrade jboss-jaxb-api_2.3_spec to 2.0.0.Final

[WFLY-12442]:More dependency exclusion for jdk11

[WFLY-12087]:Upgrade CXF to 3.3.3

[WFLY-12442]:Disable AuthenticationPolicyContextTestCase and it requires PicketLink SMALHandler support SAAJ 1.4

[WFLY-12442]:Upgrade jboss-saaj-api and saaj-impl from 1.3 to 1.4

[WFLY-12440]:Upgrade jboss-jaxws-api_2.3_spec from 1.0.0.Final to 2.0.0.CR1

[WFLY-12443]:Upgrade jboss-jaxrpc-api_1.1_spec from 1.0.2.Final to 2.0.0.CR1

[WFLY-12441]Upgrade jboss-jaxb-api_2.3_spec from 1.0.1.Final to 2.0.0.CR1

[WFLY-12267]:Upgrade java-support to 7.3.0

Minor change : fix checkstyle error

Minor change : add todo comment

[WFLY-12070]:Exclude more transitive dependencies for jdk11

[WFLY-12070]:Add permission to fix xts tests; This permission is required because CXF-8042

[WFLY-12070]:Exclude cxf transtive dependencies for jdk11

[WFLY-12070]:Upgrade to JbossWS 5.3.0.Final

[WFLY-12070]:Upgrade to CXF 3.3.2

[WFLY-12036]:Upgrade jaxbintros to 1.0.3.GA

[WFLY-10906]:Fix publicCredential and privateCredential are lost in converted SecurityIndentity

[WFLY-10906]:Fix roleMapper is lost in SecurityIndentity