Jaroslav Jankovič

Method getProblem now covers wider target cases

Fixing seam3 test projects to contain necessary beans.xml file

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JBT SOAP WS generating is now processed via WISE - has to be reflected on tests as well

Cleanup method now closes active shell which was not closed

Fix for quick fix in situation the default fix proposal is used

New CDI test implemented - CDI support addition is performed by one instance of Enter key pressing

Archives refactored to use reddeer approach

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New CDI test covering quickfix from JBIDE-14384 is implemented

In Deltaspike 0.4 there was a change in packaging -> bot tests needed to be updated as well

Message of link in servers view (in case none of servers is defined) has changed - this commit updates our servers view according to this change

Archive bot tests now cover archives multideletion testing as well

JBIDE-11927 was resolved - restore the default structure of test

Fix the link in Servers view, when no server is defined

In JBDS 7.0.0 Alpha2, category of Annotations View was changed from "JAX-RS" into "Web Services"

In Kepler M6 a combobox is used for entering the name of project, instead of textbox in previous versions

Set compiler level version on 1.6 so there will be no problem when using Java 1.6 nor 1.7.

Change target java facet on cdi test project

Sleep method added for CDI Validator to have enough time to validate observers

Fix for CDIValidatorTest.

New AnnotationPropertiesTest implemented

WeldExtensionTest implemented

Fix to ensure order of tests execution

Some of CDIConstants moved into IDELabel + corresponding modification to tests.

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New objects related to CDI JBT implemented

Fixing configuration of ws test projects

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Version of JBossWS in As 7.1.1.Final is 4.0.2.GA

wait until method added when deleting a project

new jaxrs facet implemented

new ws test implemented

new test implemented