Kevin Conner

SWITCHYARD-2170 Handle null fault strings returned from SAAJ codebase

Fix SWITCHYARD-1933, changing BytesMessage for TextMessage

SWITCHYARD-1798 Fix ClassCastException when agent is discovering an EAP domain

SWITCHYARD-1694: Add componentService to show-metrics operation

SWITCHYARD-1627 Fix DOMSource creation for documents

Add docs on dynamic thread pool configuration: JBESB-3841
Fix generation of test-util.jar
Allow lifecycle resources to be resused after MC redeploy: JBESB-3833
Added 1.3.1 schema parser, updated tests and merged xmlbeans config: JBESB-3806
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  1. … 25 more files in changeset.
Add support for message flow priority: JBESB-3786
  1. … 30 more files in changeset.
Added support for altering the minimum/maximum thread count for a MessageAwareListener: JBESB-3785
Handle toString, equals and hashCode for JCA endpoint proxy: JBESB-3712
Revert null job executor: JBESB-3696
revert JBESB-3682
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workaround smooks context classloader issue: JBESB-3658
Add jaxen to exec classpath: JBESB-3675
Handle content type: JBESB-3671
Initialise default process runtime factory if not already present: JBESB-3672
Check for expired timer before accessing, port of SOA-3072
Create tag of 4.9 CP1
Added warning about variable passing between ESB and jBPM: JBESB-3579
Add docs about action options, threading etc: JBESB-3577
Move annotated actions to custom action section: JBESB-3576
Added documentation for Configurators: JBESB-3575
Fix method name: JBESB-3570
Added paragraph describing location of jbossesb-properties.xml: JBESB-3569
Added text on MappedHeaderList: JBESB-3568
Eighth ER (part II) of 4.9CP
Fix authentication for agent URLs: JBESB-3563
Eighth ER of 4.9CP