kien nguyen

add testcase and use isfullId for resource id

Remove scope value in resource id of remote and native script

Add more case for XSD validation

Support native requirejs resources

GTNPORTAL-2530 PortletContainerException when rendering dashboard portlet using jbossas6

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    • +16
GTNPORTAL-2458 Add unit test for token services

GTNPORTAL-2491 should use inline localization in script

GTNPORTAL-2484 JCR Session unclosed in NavigationServiceWrapper.start()

GTNPORTAL-2457 Externalize default-repository in JCR configuration

GTNPORTAL-2460 Use authenticator for password verify while changing it in user profile

GTNPORTAL-2456 GroupPortalConfigListener always create new portal config for group existed

GTNPORTAL-2458 Fix some bugs for GadgetTokenInfoService

GTNPORTAL-2348 Handle browser cache in RTL resources serving

GTNPORTAL-1791 Incorrect logging category in CacheUserProfileFitler

GTNPORTAL-2412 [XSS] initialURI parameter is vulnerable to script injection

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GTNPORTAL-2409 Use *submit* input to submit the Login form when hitting enter

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rename package for new files of resource controller

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fix testcase for closure compressing

GTNPORTAL-2391 Correct filter configuration for api/rest in Gadget Server

GTNPORTAL-2498 Synchronize use of shindig-container feature for gadget container in GateIn

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    • +1
GTNPORTAL-2389 UIGadgetPortlet doesnt set up correctly browser caching for gadget resources

GTNPORTAL-2388 Error while rendering doodle gadget when source is dead

GTNPORTAL-2499 Configure to avoid using proxy for serving static resources of gadget

GTNPORTAL-2497 Support to override properties configuration of shindig gadget server

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    • +149
GTNPORTAL-2390 The gadget portlet should auto-adjust vertically

GTNPORTAL-2136 [Shindig] Patch to fix iframeUrl value in metadata request

Detect host & port from HttpServletRequest (ref to SHINDIG-1534)

Remove content from rpc metadata request