Matt Benson

Merge branch 'master' into concurrent-reindex

Merge branch 'master' into MODE-2743

Merge branch 'master' into resetBinaryFile

Merge branch 'master' into maven-refactor

fix (and test) AbstractMultimap.WrappedCollection retainAll bug

permit concurrent reindexing for indexes sharing a scan path

distinguish between empty value collection and emptied value collection

AbstractMultimap code cleanups

AbstractMultimap state management/NPE hardening

correct iteration bug introduced with MODE-2743 fix

MODE-2743: AbstractMultimap susceptible to size invalidation via collection iterators

support whole file marking which in turn permits S3 retry

convert anonymous inner classes to lambdas

add parent info for bom modules

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    • +7
restore intended project structure to solve versions:set issue

refactor Maven project structure

tab police

use a concurrent map to track LockHolder instances; use FileChannels instead of RandomAccessFile to obtain FileLock

add deleteUnusedNatively to repository configuration json schema

fall back to default AWS credentials provider chain when accessKey/secretKey not specified

MODE-2739: ModeShape unnecessarily forces all BinaryStore implementations to extend its AbstractBinaryStore

MODE-2698: retain brute-force unused object removal as default when lifecycle-based removal is not enabled by deleteUnusedNatively repository configuration property. In all cases use tags rather than metadata to store unused status, and provide an upgrade function to migrate this information from metadata to tag. Additionally try and increase performance of original unused removal code by using parallel (spl)iteration.

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MODE-2720: Lucene index provider does not correctly handle LIKE constraints containing a backslash

include all assembled dependencies; ignore version numbers to make upgrading easier in the future

additional modifications to properly execute JBoss AS integration tests

MODE-2737: extend index rebuilding sleeps to avoid frequent test failures on some hardware

MODE-2735: improper formatting of full text search query constraints with other than literal RHS

MODE-2734: cannot parse query bind variable names containing arguably esoteric but valid characters

MODE-2733: allow to obtain rows for outer join queries with missing nodes

parameterized type assignability; eliminate duplicate code