John Ament

KEYCLOAK-5285: Adding protected access. (#4405)

Allows FreemarkerEmailTemplateProvider to be more extensible.

KEYCLOAK-5274: Check that authenticator config id is null before attempting to fetch it. (#4404)

Merge pull request #23 from maschmid/SEAMJMS-64

SEAMJMS-64 fix testsuite readme

Merge pull request #18 from maschmid/fixdep

add explicit dependency on solder to the simple example

Merge pull request #21 from tremes/testsuite-update

SEAMJMS-62 testsuite update

Removed unused files from the examples, SEAMJMS-49

Ported SEAMJMS-61 to the other builder interfaces.

Merge pull request #20 from tremes/SEAMJMS-61

fixing SEAMJMS-61

Removed impls from testing.

SEAMJMS-61 fixed an issue with the example. Changed the impls to clean up how connections created. Tweaked the test cases a bit.

SEAMJMS-61 Builder was not configured correctly in the example.

Merge branch 'HEAD' of into develop

Integrating the builter tests.

Updated documentation for CR1 Release. Turned off failing tests.

Merge branch 'develop' of into develop

SEAMJMS-60 Fixed compile issue with builder.

Merge pull request #19 from maschmid/jbossas6-managed

add jbossas-managed-6 profile

Fixed missing connection factory reference.

Merge pull request #17 from maschmid/SEAMJMS-58

SEAMJMS-58, make the statuswatcher work on both AS6 and AS7

Merge pull request #15 from jganoff/develop

Fixed SEAMJMS-55

Merge pull request #26 from maschmid/testsuite-update

testsuite overhaul, make it work on both AS7 and Weld EE embedded

Merge branch 'develop' of into develop






Fixed tests.

Fixed tests.

Merge pull request #11 from maschmid/fixtests

upgrade to solder beta2, impl test fixes

Merge branch 'develop' of into develop

Cleaned up build files.

    • -124
    • +124
Further modifications to the build.

Fixed System.out call in impl class.

Moved and refactored tests to run as both modeshape and jackrabbit.

  1. … 26 more files in changeset.
Added new deployment method to not add beans.xml. Modified Alternative test to not add beans.xml.