Michal Linhard

JBPAPP-6982 EndpointSubsystemParser produces incorrect DMR
add tx dependencies to module "org.jboss.as.clustering.infinispan"
JBPAPP-6950 LifecycleCallbacks from module server-core is ignored
updated config with optimizations based on performance tests
changed config to a state that works on hudson
JBPAPP-6211 reenable the old maven2-brew repo
updated infinispan version to 4.2.1.FINAL
JBPAPP-6211 updated repository config
    • -1
    • +12
Make thirdparty/pom.xml infinispan components depend on version defined in component-matrix
updated infinispan version to 4.2.1.CR4
updated version of infinispan to 4.2.1.CR3
fixed testByteArrayStorage
added JIRA reference
added testByteArrayStorage test case
improved testETagChanges()
fixed communication ordering in testReplicatedCasExists2
fixed wrong use of assertNotSame
added sleep period to testExpTimeAbsolutePast() to avoid failure when get is called too quickly (under one millisecond) after set.
updated infinispan version to 4.2.0.FINAL
updated infinispan to 4.2.0.CR4
fixed verbosity command tests, cas 64 bit value tests and stats args tests
fixed a small typo to be able to compile
timeout produces junit failure rather than error
updated memcached rest testcases, added timeout capability to MemcachedSession
upgraded Infinispan to version 4.2.0.CR2
removed "".format() construct which is not supported by older python versions
fixed File.separatorChar problem in PythomMemcachedClientTestCase
extended memcached server module testsuite with python-memcached client test cases.

- added capability to return exitCode

- removed unnecessary call to process.exitValue() that always throws IllegalThreadStateException

- replaced 1second wait for OutputPumpers by call to join().

updated memcached and REST server module testsuites