Michael Musgrove

JBTM-2982 Drive participant completion from a separate thread

JBTM-3028 Retry recovery on slow networks Signed-off-by: mmusgrov@redhat.com

JBTM-3028 Temporarily disable SpecIT#acceptTest - can fail on a slow network

JBTM-2978 Handle HTTP connection errors

JBTM-2979 add a test for participant timeouts

JBTM-2977 Debug the coordinator

JBTM-2889 STM with Vert.x example

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JBTM-2961 Temporarily disage lra cdi checker (fails on mac builds)

JBTM-2965 Remove unused jta directory

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JBTM-2966 add dependency on jboss-transaction-spi

JBTM-2962 Add instructions for running individual quickstarts

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JBTM-2960 minor update to STM quickstart

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JBTM-1732 sync to memory when a new STM proxy is created

JBTM-2947 LRA end calls return the status

JBTM-2946 LRA specification compliance

JBTM-2944 LRA spec updates

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JBTM-2938 LRA termination endpoints use PUT

JBTM-2940 Spec updates

JBTM-2941 Support JAX-RS unaware LRA participants

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JBTM-2940 Retry forget

JBTM-2940 Spec compliance

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JBTM-2935 @Complete should be optional

JBTM-2934 Parent of nested transaction is not pushed back to headers

JBTM-2934 Optimize nested LRA calls if in the same JVM

(cherry picked from commit 4d7f7def3717b3ec09a4d773dd544ee817e72901)

JBTM-2930 Fixed a number of recovery problems

JBTM-2930 Cleap logs if only one compensator. Observer for RecoveryModule

JBTM-2930 remove @Status and @Forget annotations

JBTM-2930 Clean log on close/cancel

JBTM-2930 Compensator data and LRA join annotation

JBTM-2930 Recovery for LRAs