Marek Posolda

SECURITY-696 MessageFactory: Fallback to load classes from current class classloader if tccl failed
SECURITY-695 Backport SECURITY-631 to negotiation trunk
JBEPP-980 little improvement to compile regex Pattern only once
JBEPP-980 fix javadoc
JBEPP-980 Possibility to compare DN with whitespaces
JBEPP-1195 improve error logging in FallbackIdentityStoreRepository
JBEPP-1027 Support for system properties substitution in Picketlink IDM configuration
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PLFED-260 Avoid to use null ID for UsernameToken in STSClient.issueTokenOnBehalfOf
PLFED-259 Possibility to have logOutPage URL configurable
PLFED-258 Handler for verification InResponseTo
PLFED-255 method authenticate should return false when being redirected to Identity Provider
PLFED-254 - Fix nonSerializable exception during cluster profile
SECURITY-631 Possibility to choose principal identity from FORM authentication
SECURITY-132 Traditional authentication in SPNEGOLoginModule (other needed things like new classes CommonLoginModule and Constants created as well)
SECURITY-141 Fallback to FORM authentication if SPNEGO not available (Backport to 2.0.x branch)
SECURITY-630 Create new 2.0.x branch for port changes needed by EPP.

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Fixes from selenium tests from CP02 tag merged to main EPP branch.
Fix test failures.
Extending of CAS test.
Refactoring. Selenium tests with Ldap and HTTPS.
Refactoring and fix test failures in epp ldap identity selenium test.
Refactoring of tests to fix failures with HTTPS testing.
Refactoring for selenium https test.
Setup of selenium tests with HTTPS in EPP.
Refactor SSO and Ldap tests to remove compilation failures.
SSO selenium test classes merged to the epp branch.
LdapIdentityAdminTestCase added and IdentityAdminTestCase refactored for usage with LdapIdentityAdminTestCase.
Refactoring of LdapIdentityAdminTestCase to fix test failures.
Refactor LdapIdentityAdminTestCase to fix test failures.
LdapIdentityAdminTestCase added.