Navin Surtani

ISPN-3276 Migrate the CacheLoader API to use org.infinispan.configuration

ISPN-3343 Write up CacheLoaderConfiguration and corresponding Builder for Lucene module

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ISPN-3249 Removed some other legacy Configurations that cropped up

ISPN-3279 Delete ConfigurationOverrides and GlobalConfigurationOverrides in Spring module

ISPN-3252 Fixed compile error in ConfigurationOverridesTest

WFLY-1596 Upgraded JBoss Marshalling to 1.3.18.GA

ISPN-3274 Cleared legacy Configuration imports in Server modules

ISPN-3252 Migrated Configuration API in Spring module

ISPN-3249 Finished Lucene test migration

ISPN-3248 Cleaned up Tree module and deprecated ConfigurationException

ISPN-3247 Cleared query module

ISPN-2463 Deprecating all of the methods that use legacy Configuration API in TestCacheManagerFactory first

Modified versions in pom.xml files to 5.3.0-SNAPSHOT

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Updated versions to 5.2.1-SNAPSHOT

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[AS7-5389] Second commit to 7.1 branch, fixing logging error in FilePersistentObjectStore

[AS7-6040] Removed arquillian/service directory in 7.1 branch

as7-6040 : Removed arquillian/service directory

JBPAPP-7789: Patched 'displayOpResult.jsp' to sanitize HTML output
JBPAPP-9887: Hacked fix for tests hanging due to IBM JDK 7. Patch works on Jenkins suite as well as on local machine using two different JDK 7's.
JBPAPP-9336: Sorted out Javassist upgrade to service-pack. Added in test functionality to make sure that there isn't an exception thrown by EAP in it's own stack
[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
[maven-scm] copy for tag 3.12.0.SP1
[maven-release-plugin] prepare release 3.12.0.SP1
Added in <scm> tag into pom.xml
Added in <scm> tag into pom.xml
Fixed version issue in build.xml
[maven-release-plugin] prepare release 3.12.0.SP1
AS7-4837: Rolling back that caused other tests to fail on Jenkins.

AS7-4837: Updated dependency of JBoss Common Beans to 1.1.0.Final and updated relevant classes to use the new PropertyEditorFinder class. The failed test, JMXPropertyEditorsTestCase, that initially caused the bug now passes.

Resolved ISPN-541 and ISPN-646. Tests pass locally within query module. Other test failures same as the rest of trunk.

Changed Hibernate Search dependency to 3.2.1.Final. Tests pass locally