Khoi Nguyen

GTNPORTAL-2424 Front page is visually broken

GTNPORTAL-2421 A webui portlet which has no template renders invalid content

GTNPORTAL-2420 - Update to Chromattic 1.1.4 release

GTNPORTAL-2325 Exception when migrate from 3.1 to 3.2

GTNPORTAL-2272 Portlet windows doesn't appear in some cases

GTNPORTAL-2271 UIFormInputWithAction render children regardless of is rendered or not

GTNPORTAL-2270 Upgrade Chromattic 1.1.1

Update format XML code and some typos in SSO document

GTNPORTAL-2228 Upgrade JCR 1.14.2-GA

GTNPORTAL-2202 Update XSD version in the testcase

GTNPORTAL-2202 Change the target xsd on xml file

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GTNPORTAL-2196 Set UserPortalConfigService templates and portals definition easily ereasable

GTNPORTAL-2187 Should not indicate node path in the URL if a legacy request is used

GTNPORTAL-2181 Still check Extended label mode after add new node with uncheck Extended label mode

GTNPORTAL-2150 Update document for Data Import section

GTNPORTAL-2117 The username value should be validated even click on 'Check Avaiablitiy'

GTNPORTAL-2115 Remove Expand All feature in site map portlet

GTNPORTAL-2040 Cannot access portal if the permission is not 'public'

GTNPORTAL-1961 Default Home page isn't displayed

GTNPORTAL-2025 Could not display local gadget thumbnail properly Re-organize gadget resources

GTNPORTAL-2013 Default gadget thumbnais have incorrect extension

GTNPORTAL-2012 it's missing label in Edit Node form

GTNPORTAL-2011 Import mode should be defined in sample extension and sample portal

GTNPORTAL-2010 NPE in the case there is no UserNode returned during changing page node

GTNPORTAL-1964 Improve Javascript lazy loading machanism

GTNPORTAL-2009 NPE when add new dashboard page having label is null

GTNPORTAL-1916 Move to use UICheckBoxInput instead of UIFormCheckBoxInput

GTNPORTAL-2008 Don't allow create user page from Page Management Portlet

GTNPORTAL-2007 Wrong merged JS after undeploy JS module in JavascriptConfigService

GTNPORTAL-2006 Should not allow to click to a node if it doesn't point to a page