Gary Brown

Enable rules (name/text) to be added directly to the rule check. Upgraded surefire plugin due to build issues

Merge pull request #863 from objectiser/HWKBTM-312

HWKBTM-312 Integrate BTM into Hawkular

HWKBTM-312 Integrate BTM into Hawkular

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Add support for exceptional exit

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HAWKULAR-193 Upgrade frontend-maven-plugin version to fix 'missing class' error when installing npm

BYTEMAN-280 Enable a 'manager' component to be configured, that can make use of the retransfer as appropriate to dynamically install/remove scripts. Includes further changes suggested by Andrew.

KEYCLOAK-861 Support basic authentication against user credentials managed by KeyCloak.

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SWITCHYARD-2336 Add the properties to the exchange message

SWITCHYARD-2222 Update riftsaw version to 3.2.0.Final

SWITCHYARD-2217 Install Overlord Commons SSO for use by BPEL console in EAP

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SWITCHYARD-2217 Install Overlord Commons SSO for use by BPEL console in EAP

Configure to use integration stack target platform

Update based on producing BPMN2 choreography with correct import schema locations

Add choreo to wsdl transformation tests

SAVARA-396 and SAVARA-397 Derived choreography now has correct operation names, derived as choreo built rather than using separate utility. Different operations can now be used to indicate difference between two way sync, and one way req with callback.

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Update version of switchyard generated in java project's pom.xml

Fix validation error due to missing process type

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Fix issue with missing structure ref

SAVARA-390 Don't generate bpmn2 import element if location is not available

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SWITCHYARD-1867 Fix issue where BPEL process unable to return simple response type

SAVARA-389 Validation now trigger using the WST Validator mechanism

Update readme

SAVARA-386 Update to version 2.3.0-SNAPSHOT and switchyard version 1.1.0.Final

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Fix some dependency issues which caused issues when creating the swyd java service

Fix issue where use of 'ns<num>' style prefixes were causing problems with BPMN2 model usage

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Fix issues found in deployed environment

Remove lib from wsdl plugin

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Remove lib from swyd java plugin

Remove libs from swyd bpel plugin

Remove libs from scenario plugin