Parul Sharma

WFLY-13643 Test Case of WFLY-13592

WFLY-13592 [GSS] (7.3.z) jndi-view doen't show values for EJB in java:jboss/exported

WFLY-12654 Switch from javax.jws:jsr181-api to jakarta.jws:jakarta.jws-api

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Test Case for the issue WFLY-13375, if Connection Factory or JMS destination is configured for third party resource adapter

WFLY-13375 JNDI view does not show implementation classes for connection factories and destinations registered by 3rd party resource adapters

[WFCORE-4911]Remove org.apache.xml-resolver (it has been moved to WildFly)

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WFLY-19905 Move module org.apache.xml-resolver from WildFly Core to WildFly