Pedro Igor Silva

[KEYCLOAK-8694] - Mark Drools policy as tech preview

[KEYCLOAK-8646] - Error deleting policies when admin events are enabled

[KEYCLOAK-7798] - Spring security adapter does not renew expired tokens

[KEYCLOAK-8716] - Issue with caching resolved roles in KeycloakSession

[KEYCLOAK-8489] - RPT request: Authorized Party's protocol mappers are being applied instead of the Audience's ones

[KEYCLOAK-8172] - Evaluation not considering scopes inherited from parent resources

[KEYCLOAK-7826] - My resource pages does not support resources without scopes

[KEYCLOAK-8617] - Permission cache not handling decisions from negative policies correctly

[KEYCLOAK-8625] - Saving client settings will cause always adding default authorization settings

[KEYCLOAK-8449] - Option to automatically map HTTP verbs to scopes when configuring the policy enforcer

[KEYCLOAK-8444] - Error when producing KeycloakSpringBootConfigResolver from spring security configuration

[KEYCLOAK-8412] - Upgrade to Drools 7.11.0.Final

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[KEYCLOAK-7950] - Fixes user pagination when using filtering users members of groups

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[KEYCLOAK-8445] - Owner not granted with permissions when using only scope-based permissions

[KEYCLOAK-6928] - Selecting first bearer if multiple values exists in authorization header

[KEYCLOAK-8289] - Remove authorization services from product preview profile

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[KEYCLOAK-7605] - Make sure Evaluation API is read-only

[KEYCLOAK-8168] - PEP is resolving claims twice under certain circumstances

[KEYCLOAK-8308] - Deprecate token_introspection_endpoint claim from OIDC discovery document

[KEYCLOAK-8281] - Deletion of client with token exchange policy leads to breaking errors

[KEYCLOAK-8273] - Failed to evaluate permissions when in permissive mode and using UMA tickets

[KEYCLOAK-8270] - Cannot remove 'Not Before' or 'Not On or After' from a Time Policy

[KEYCLOAK-7987] - Can't set authorization enabled when using kcreg

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[KEYCLOAK-7659] - k_version not supporting cors

[KEYCLOAK-7160] - Completely broken AuthZ Configs in IE

[KEYCLOAK-8142] - Fixing regression when setting path enforcement mode to disabled

[KEYCLOAK-8012] - Fix offline session support in authorization services

[KEYCLOAK-8070] - wrong expose headers when enable cors and policyenforcer

[KEYCLOAK-8133] - Can't Sucessfully inject a custom KeycloakSpringBootConfigResolver in the Keycloak Spring Boot Security Adapter

[KEYCLOAK-7754] - Fixing compat issues with UMA spec in RPT Introspection Provider