Paul Ferraro

Refactor RemoteCacheManager into wildfly-clustering-infinispan-client

WFLY-12181 Remove obsolete classes

WFLY-12167 Don't return from ServiceSupplier.get() until one-time service is removed.

Configure HotRod session manager tests with max-active-sessions.

WFLY-12148 HotRod-based session manager should use max-active-sessions to configure L1 per remote cache

Custom near cache implementation that builds a Caffeine cache from a generic factory instead of a NearCacheConfiguration.

Add mechanism for overriding near cache behavior per remote cache.

WFLY-12169 Remove use of deprecated ServiceBuilder.addAliases(...) within Infinispan subsystem

ISPN-10248 Allow users to customize NearCache behavior

WFLY-12139 Mutations following HttpSession.setAttribute(...) lost on failover when using SESSION granularity distributed web session with a non-transactional cache

Restore ignored web persistence tests and remove workarounds for ISPN-10029

WFLY-12100 Upgrade Infinispan to 9.4.14.Final

WFLY-11890 Upgrade JGroups to 4.1.1.Final

Remove obsolete jgroups dependency.

Refactor session activation/binding listener logic to be sharable between session manager implementations.

Merge pull request #12133 from rachmatowicz/WFLY-11682

[WFLY-11682] Send CLUSTER_REMOVED message to client when last node in cluster leaves.

Merge pull request #12030 from rachmatowicz/WFLY-11489

[WFLY-11489] Correct assignment of EJB client affinties on server side.

Drop workaround for WELD-2577 following upgrade to 3.1.1.Final.

WFLY-12064 SFSBs left in invalid/inconsistent state if @PrePassivate throws an exception/error.

Cleanup persistence test setup.

WFLY-12052 Don't evict SFSBs from memory that fail to passivate eagerly.

WFLY-12047 Single sign-on removal does not remove all installed services.

Add replicated and remote elytron SSO tests.

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Refactor/generalize FineSessionAttributes into org.wildfly.clustering.web.cache module

WFLY-12022 Concurrent singleton service installation can cause service to run simultaneously on 2 members.

WFLY-12014 Distributed session manager should not assume unmodifiable sets are immutable

Merge pull request #12240 from pferraro/docs

WFLY-12005 Add documentation section for tuning distributed web application performance

Update documentation to describe external immutable class hints.

WFLY-12005 Add documentation section for optimizing distributed web application performance

Add tests validating immutable session attribute behavior.