Paul Richardson

MODE-2470: Fixes to DDL Sequencer

* Addition of TeiidDdl Option Constants to lexicon

* The addition of the TeiidDdl constants used for materialized table


* Throw exception if node reference is not available

* AlterOptionsParser

* Since a reference is mandatory for an AlterTable statement, a lack of

reference will result in a ConstraintViolationException. Better to

immediately throw an exception indicating a lack of reference rather

than leaving it as a debugging statement.

* Support vdb model properties

* A vdb model can set key/value properties. These need to be handled by

the teiid sequencer.

Requirements mirroring of apache directory studio repository

* See

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MODE-2464: Ensures all input stream in Vdb Sequencers are closed

* VdbDynamicSequencer

* Closes the initial input stream taken from the inputProperty's


* VdbManifest

* Closes the XML StreamReader instance on completion of its reading

* Closing these ensures that the streams are closed and releases any locks

created on the original binary property value, avoiding the possibility

of future deadlocks when saving the property.

MODE-2400: Adds support for GLOBAL TEMPORARY tables in DDL Sequencer

* Enhances the Teiid DDL Sequencer with supporting the CREATE GLOBAL

TEMPORARY TABLE syntax, present in Teiid's BNF.

* Includes tests for basic case and specific test to ensure that an AS

statement cannot be appended since this is illegal.

MODE-2394: Due to teiid vdb schema changes, update the sequencer accordingly

* Updates the Vdb Sequencer to reflect the changes made to the Teiid Vdb

cnd schema. In light of the changes made to the latter to reflect Teiid's

own latest Vdb schema, the sequencer will now observe the following:

** vdb connection type

** vdb name

** multiple model sources

** data role grant-all flag

** data role permission conditions and masks

** data role allow language permission

* Updates sequencer tests to test for the new changes

MODE-2396: Fixes Teiid DDL sequencer logic for creating views

* Collapses 'CREATE VIEW' and 'CREATE VIRTUAL VIEW' together to do the

same thing ensuring that the token VIRTUAL is totally optional.

* See MODE-2396 for details of Teiid BNF and parser.

MODE-2394: Updates to the Vdb Sequencer in line with Teiid Schema

* Updates the Vdb sequencer's cnd model and lexicon to reflect the schema

included in the latest version of teiid.

MODE-2388: Enhance DDL Sequencer to account for array data types

* To support Teiid BNF, allow parsing of array data types, eg. integer[],

and store the number of dimensions in the arrayDimensions property.


* Extends vdb sequencer functionality to support the processing of

dynamic vdbs.

* The syntax of a dynamic vdb is identical to that of a container vdb's

manifest hence the extension of the VdbSequencer by the


* Adds a twitter test that takes the declarative model as a dynamic vdb

and sequences it accordingly.

MODE-2362: Fixes resource path limitation in Teiid ModelSequencer

* Use of relative paths, ie. ../, fails when Teiid ModelSequencer is used

in an OSGI environment and resident in a jar archive.

TEIIDDES-1857: Creates a cross-platform file name validator

* FileNameValidator

* Provides a single class that validates a file name against the underlying


* Single, centralised point for determining validity of file names.

* Provides some fundamental rules concerning known filesystems and OSs

which the file name must adhere to before even a test file is created.

* Provides set of options to enhance the validator such as ability to add

other reserved characters, add reserved words and modify the directory

where the temporary file test is conducted.

* Factory provided with interface allowing alternative implementations

* Includes unit tests for validator implementation

TEIIDDES-1857: Creates a cross-platform file name validator

* FileNameValidator

* Provides a single class that validates a file name against the underlying


* Single, centralised point for determining validity of file names.

* Avoids trying to provide too many rules concerning known filesystems

and OSs by using the file name to create a temporary file.

* Provides set of options to enhance the validator such as ability to add

other reserved characters, add reserved words and modify the directory

where the temporary file test is conducted.

* Includes unit tests for validator

TEIIDDES-1591: Adds a linux fragment implementation for storage security UI

* Fragments are provided by eclipse for both MacOS and Windows yet Linux

use the default implementation UI for entering a password for accessing

secure storage.

* The default secure storage implementation lacks a description of the

password's purpose hence confuses unaware users. The implementation

addresses this problem by providing a dialog that includes a description

* The majority of the UI is based on the default implementation and only

attempts to change the look of the UI in adding a collapsable description

on a form composite.

Updates the ouput target file's name attribute

* The target node of the output file has been populated with the name of

the first source target, which is inappropriate.

* Provides a targetName parameter that can be specified in the pom or

otherwise fills in a default name.

Revert "JBIDE-12088 Merge all Teiid requirement builders (7.4 - 8.0) into a single target. Updated as recommended in the description and tested."

This reverts commit d391e30eae55daf41d7e7f30a89c6de9214b5f84.

The requirements/teiid directory does not exist in the

soatools-3.3.0.CR2 tag which is what 7.8 is build against. Thus, this

needs to be reverted to allow for a successful build.

Revert "JBIDE-11714: Teiid"

This reverts commit efa4b4ea51edb1df84fc8328f856c006d8747dbb / trunk@2659

* Fails to continuous build with commit.

TEIIDDES-1435: Upgrade to 7.8.0

* Upgrades all teiid designer plugin manifests to 7.8.0.qualifier

* Upgrades all features feature.xml files to 7.8.0

* Upgrades all pom.xml files to version 7.8.0-SNAPSHOT

* toc.xml

* Updates to community urls and to version 7.8

* org.teiid.designer

* Updates to 7.8.0

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TEIIDDES-1435: Remove test feature from update site

* Remove the test feature from the update site's category xml file

TEIIDDES-1435 - Admin tasks for release of 7.8

TEIIDDES-1435: Upgrade scripts for raising version numbers


** Script for modifying the version number of teiid plugins. This simply

replaces the current version number with the argument provided on the

command line.

** upgrade org.teiid.designer

** upgrade features feature.xml files

** upgrade plugin manifests

** upgrade pom.xml files

** upgrade user guide master.xml file


** script for modifying the urls in the table of contents file (toc.xml) in

the help plugin. This can change the url between the redhat product and

community urls as well as updating the version the urls should point at.

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7.8 release branch
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Merge 7.7.x branch back to trunk/master

* plugin from master upped to 7.7.1

Merge taken from 7.7.x commit

* sha id 63909830dd9b8ac3857e227e7c6a992d9cb98b97

* svn revision 2657







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Teiid bot tests: Fixes test feature build failures

* Feature.xml updates to reflect change in bot testing plugins

Update the XML imported to reflect recent changes

* Adds replacement screenshots

* Fix textual mistakes

TEIIDDES-1377 - Update Designer User's Guide

Add section on guide view in user guide Introduction

* intro.xml

* Sub-section 'Its all in the Modelling...' section so they appear in the

contents page.

* Adds section to introduction on the guides view to encourage users that

this is an easy way of getting started.

* metadata.xml

* Fix some incorrect bullet point layout

TEIIDDES-1377 - Update Designer User's Guide

Add external builders to user guide project

* Eclipse's m2e does not seem to like the pom.xml for the user guide

project and rather than modifying it (include mappings), its natures have

been removed in favour of using maven as an external builder

* Adds in publican external launcher as well but disabled as it may be

occasionally useful

* wrapper scripts ensure that if maven and publican are not installed then

the external builders will exit gracefully rather than throwing horrible

eclipse errors.

* Updated Teiid Designer manual version number to be 7.7.1

TEIIDDES-1377 - Update Designer User's Guide

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Remove actions / preferences relating to deprecated diagrams

* diagramType.exsd

* Creates a deprecated attribute for old diagram types due to be removed

* DiagramTypeManager

* If diagram type is depecated then do not include it in background

colour object collection, which is displayed in the preferences

* plugin.xml

* Make the Relationship diagram as deprecated

TEIIDDES-1391 - Remove the Relationship Diagram color chooser widget

from preferences

Add section to user guide concerning wsdl importer depth warning

* Details warning message displayed, when using the SOAP->source importer

and the WSDL schema has circular references

TEIIDDES-1377 - Update Designer User's Guide

Fix stack overflow exception when handing circular schema references

* ImportWsdlSchemaHandler

* Current implementation has a depth setting of 1000, which is too high

for some systems.

* Reduces depth threshold to 750

* Make a JVM system property for increasing this threshold should it be


* Should the threshold be set too high, catch the stackoverflow exception,

issue a warning and exit

* General housekeeping of making fields private and create a getter for

those to be accessed externally.

TEIIDDES-1396 - Circular references in WSDL schemas can still result in

stack overflow errors

Improve performance and progress monitoring of WSDL Soap -> source importer

* ColumnsInfoPanel

* The add button's selection listener can take a while to add the column

and set the root path. This places this code inside a UiBusyIndicator

to at least show the user, the wizard is busy.

* The add button's selection listener uses the initializing flag to

prevent the rootPathText field's modify listener from refreshing the

wizard page. It is time-consuming and unnecessary since

detailsPage.createResponseColumn() refreshes anyway.

* WsdlOperationsPanel

* Since reading a WSDL can be time-consuming uses the UiBusyIndicator to

show the user the wizard is busy.

TEIIDDES-1376 - Add Progress Monitor to WSDL to Source Importer for

Longer Tasks

Ensure password is masked in the SOAP import wizard

* CredentialsComposite

* SecurityType should be assigned to None rather than be null

* WSSoapProfileDetailsWizardPage

* Ensure that the security type is assigned None

* Should a password be assigned, ensure that it is masked in the Summary

Wizard page

* WSConnectionInfoProvider

* Ensure that the security type is assigned None

TEIIDDES-1384 - Password Not Set When Generating WAR with WS-Security